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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News

TrueFi Launches First Protocol-to-protocol Lending Portfolio for Perpetual Protocol, Powering Up to $100m in DEX Liquidity

TrustToken, builders of the leading unsecured lending protocol TrueFi, as well as popular stablecoins like TrueUSD, announces its partnership with Perpetual Protocol (PERP), an Ethereum-based decentralized derivatives exchange with up to 10x leverage.

As part of the collaboration, TrueFi launches its first protocol-to-protocol lending portfolio, supporting market makers with access to competitively priced loans to support even deeper liquidity on Perpetual Protocol. The portfolio opens with a $5 million asset cap, to be expanded over time.

The decentralized finance ecosystem expanded by 1,200 percent in 2021 in total value locked'a dramatic upshoot in parallel with increased interest from traditional financial institutions and institutional investors. Decentralized exchanges - trading platforms powered by smart contracts - have emerged as one of the key cornerstones of the space. Since they rely on algorithmic market-making instead of the usual order book, they need a community of dedicated liquidity providers to maintain pools large enough to avoid slippage on executing trades.

TrueFi helps Perpetual scale its liquidity efforts by launching a dedicated lending portfolio to market makers providing liquidity directly to Perpetual's trading pairs. While launching with support for a limited list of participants, drawn largely from the Perpetual Foundation and PERP's ecosystem supporters like Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Liquid, the portfolio is designed to support a broad scope of lenders in the future. Future Perpetual Protocol portfolios may also benefit from added lender rewards, including TRU and PERP incentives.

TrueTrading, a TrustToken affiliate company, will manage the portfolio on behalf of Perpetual Protocol and provide compliance services to create the smoothest experience for Perpetual Protocol and its partners. Additionally, the collaboration benefits from TrueFi's large and growing network of trusted crypto-native funds, such as Amber Group, who will be able to engage with Perpetual on TrueFi with ease.

"Smart contracts allow us to build sophisticated financial products in a transparent way," says Rafael Cosman, CEO of TrustToken. "Perpetual's decentralized futures contracts, with no settlement date, are a prime example of novel financial engineering enabled by the promise of blockchain technology. TrueFi is thrilled to support Perpetual as its first protocol-to-protocol lending partner, powering liquidity for Perpetual's groundbreaking offerings, in a portfolio we expect to pass $100 million by year's end."

"Committed market makers are crucial for any user-driven decentralized exchange, as they are the engine that keeps it going," says Yenwen Feng, Co-Founder at Perpetual Protocol. "By teaming up with TrustToken, we bring our market makers more liquidity to tap into as they support our own trading pairs. This grants liquidity providers more confidence through greater market stability and reduced slippage which ultimately results in a better trading experience for all of our users."

About TrustToken
TrustToken is building the protocol for global lending. TrustToken's TrueFi platform brings uncollateralized lending and credit scoring on-chain, offering borrowers the highest possible capital efficiency at competitive rates, while offering lenders the broadest marketplace of financial products in DeFi. TrueFi has completed over $1B in loan originations with a perfect record of repayment, and has approximately $1B in total assets under management.

The company's TrueCurrencies are the world's first independently-verified, fully collateralized stablecoins, trading on top exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and OKEx, generating billions in monthly trade volume. TrueCurrency users enjoy lightning-fast transactions, the lowest transaction costs of any stablecoin, easy exchange to and from fiat currency, and obsessive customer service.
Start using TrueFi at, or learn more about TrustToken products at

About Perpetual Protocol
Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange operating on the cutting edge of decentralized finance. The protocol allows its users to go long or short using crypto's most popular financial instrument: perpetual futures contracts. Perpetual Protocol also empowers developers with its highly composable and deeply liquid protocol, providing an all-new design space for builders to create on while tapping into the exciting potential of Web3. For more information, please visit their website at


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Mercredi 9 Février 2022