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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News to Acquire 20% of Metaverse Architects Corp. (NEO Exchange Canada: COIN) (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: 76M) (OTCQB US: SMURF) (“” or “the Company”), a publicly-traded company that invests in Web3 crypto assets and builds businesses linked to the Metaverse, NFTs and Play-to-Earn Gaming, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Metaverse Group, has signed a letter of intent to acquire 20% ownership interest in Metaverse Architects.

In addition, Metaverse Group will appoint a representative to the board of directors of Metaverse Architects. The transaction is expected to close in March.

Metaverse Architects is a leading design and event planning firm who specialize in 3D modeling and game development. Metaverse Architects have the ability to design and build across several Metaverse worlds including Decentraland, Sandbox, Pax World and NFT Worlds. Additionally, the virtual architecture firm has the capability of hosting events and creating virtual immersive experiences for brands.

"We are pleased to combine forces with Metaverse Architects, the leading design and architecture firm in the Metaverse. Our partnership allows Metaverse Group to provide a host of services to our clients including events, NFT design and drops, and architecture design and services,” said Andrew Kiguel, CEO and Executive Chairman of Metaverse Group. “We're excited to enhance the scope of what we offer with such a strong team to become a one-stop shop for all Metaverse needs."

Metaverse Architects is currently in the process of completing the Tower in Decentraland's Crypto Valley. The Tower will be used to host future crypto conferences and offer office rental spaces to companies looking for a presence in the Metaverse. Parties interested in developing a presence in the Metaverse on our property can contact

"Metaverse Group continues to not only acquire marquee properties, but also grow its list of services offered to retailers and advertisers. This collaboration enhances our ability to be the leading Metaverse real estate owner and developer,” commented Metaverse Group CEO, Lorne Sugarman.

"Formalizing this partnership is an important step in ensuring we can continue expanding the quality and scope of our services, whilst ensuring we meet the sector’s growing demand. We’re confident that working together with and Metaverse Group will allow us to continue pioneering and trail-blazing in the Metaverse industry, whilst remaining at the forefront of Metaverse-based land design, utility development and Web 3.0 services,” said Sean Ellul, Metaverse Architects Co-Founder.

About Metaverse Group
The Metaverse Group is a vertically integrated NFT based Metaverse real estate company. The group, with its global headquarters in Decentraland’s Crypto Valley, also owns an eight figure real estate portfolio across many leading virtual worlds. The company intends to continue to purchase, develop and rent out its portfolio of real estate assets., a publicly- traded company, is the majority owner of Metaverse Group. The Metaverse Architects is a 3D Modeling & Game Development studio for the Metaverse. We design and develop for Decentraland, The Sandbox and all Metaverse worlds. Bringing your brand to the Virtual World in a playful and engaging way.

About Metaverse Architects
Metaverse Architects are a 3D Modeling and Game Development studio for the Metaverse, who pioneer and develop immersion-focused use cases for brands and digital land owners in the Metaverse. With their slogan “If you can think it, we can build it!”, Metaverse Architects are not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible in Metaverse worlds, and work with a number of partners to develop new, cutting-edge use cases for brands which wish to expand their presence into the Metaverse.

About Corp is a publicly traded Web3 company that owns an inventory of Metaverse, P2E, DeFi and NFT based digital assets and businesses. is the majority owner of Metaverse Group, one of the world’s first virtual real estate companies. Hulk Labs, a wholly-owned subsidiary, focuses on investing in Play-to-Earn revenue generating gaming tokens and NFTs. Additionally, owns and stakes crypto assets to earn additional tokens. Through its growing digital assets and NFTs, provides public market investors with a simple and secure way to gain exposure to Web3. Corp.


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Mardi 22 Février 2022