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The Sustainable Organization: The Chief Executive Officer’s Perspective

For most businesses seeking to achieve high performance, the nature and responsibility of sustainability has changed. What once used to be a sideline affair is now increasingly in the mainstream—and a key part of the chief executive officer’s agenda.

But most leaders are only just starting to think about what this means for them, and how to lead effectively in this area.

To help bridge this gap, this report draws on the insights and lessons of chief executive officers currently at the leading edge of sustainability. It provides a concise outline for how leaders can assess and implement sustainability in their organizations—and what the main issues are that need to be considered.

Although the specific focus of any given organization’s sustainability strategy varies hugely between industries and geographies, there are many common elements to how that strategy is created and implemented. Subsequent reports in this series will detail the implications of sustainability for other members of the C-suite.

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Mercredi 21 Mars 2012