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The Digital World Is the Near Future of All Humanity, According To WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov

Bitcoin began its existence in 2008. In four years, the cryptocurrency has grown several times. Those who had time to invest in bitcoin could make good money. But bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency.

Today, there are more than 20 thousand virtual coins around the world. Investors can buy crypto coins on the online platform WhiteBIT. The site’s main page provides information about each coin’s growth dynamics. The WhiteBIT exchange has posted information in the form of graphs. It helps to analyze and invest in the selected electronic money.

In Ukraine, the law “On Virtual Assets” was adopted. It allows using digital technology legally. The state can cooperate with the cryptocurrency market. It can significantly expand the opportunities not only in Ukraine but also in the whole of Europe.

What does the law “On Virtual Assets” mean, according to WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov

Today, Ukraine is in a difficult situation because of the war. But despite the occupation of many territories. In the front-line city of Kharkiv, work and life in the cities continue. The law “On Virtual Assets” provides an opportunity to bring the economy to a new level. Ukraine can become the cryptocurrency center of Eastern Europe. The legal laws will protect cryptocurrency.

WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov believes legalizing cryptocurrency at the state level can strengthen the country’s budget. Residents of Ukraine have long started investing in cryptocurrency. The average figure for cryptocurrency transactions is 4 billion hryvnias. Even with a minimum tax of 1 percent, it is possible to replenish the state treasury. According to the CEO of WhiteBIT, Volodymyr Nosov, the proceeds can be invested in the development of the army.

The transition of the world into the metacommuniverse

Today, all the people in the world are gradually moving into the metacommunity without noticing it. Many people think that such a world does not exist. According to Volodymyr Nosova, an expert on the WhiteBIT company crypto exchange, people form the meta world. The components of the meta-universe include:

● social networks;
● digital technologies;
● application of blockchain and so on.

Blockchain technology deserves a special place. It is a particular database that allows the exchange of electronic information. Today, the cryptocurrency market occupies a leading position worldwide. Currency exchange in the virtual space allows for increasing assets several times. As WhiteBIT’s specialist Vladimir Nosov said, the actual needs of the population formed the meta-universe. Blockchain is a part of it. The active use of social networking, and home delivery of groceries, allows us to deliberate and save time. Even electronic money exchange is becoming more widespread.

WhiteBIT cooperates with the state of Ukraine. It helps to build the country’s economy in difficult times. Volodymyr Nosov, a company representative, believes it is possible to strengthen the economy by legalizing cryptocurrency at the state level. It provides benefits not only for Ukraine but also for every citizen. The exchange of cryptocurrencies brings considerable profit to the depositor. But you have to pay a percentage for the withdrawal of funds. Today, this figure is about 19 percent. Legalizing cryptocurrency at the state level will reduce the allocation for the withdrawal of exchange money to 5 percent. WhiteBIT company wants to make cryptocurrency understandable for everyone. And to withdraw funds through the state application Diia. It will enable every citizen to legitimize their earnings.

Digital assets will bring the state budget to a new level

WhiteBIT Company is actively involved in bringing digital money into everyone’s life. The company recently signed an agreement with Netflix. WhiteBIT users can now pay for their subscriptions with e-money. It is just the beginning of the journey in today’s environment of cryptocurrency usage.

Ukraine is in a difficult position today. The war hinders the development of the economy and increases unemployment. The situation in Kharkiv is dire. More and more people are unemployed. All savings go to buy food. The cryptocurrency market offers to accumulate currency and multiply savings. During the war, it is especially relevant not only for Kharkiv but also for Ukraine. WhiteBIT company helps to bring the digital market to a new level. The exchange of cryptocurrencies is becoming legalized. All exchange operations will be protected, and there will be no need to pay high interest for withdrawal. The digital cryptocurrency market could revolutionize economies around the world. WhiteBIT has made the first steps towards the introduction of cryptocurrency in the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

Cryptocurrency today is the money of the future. Suitable investments can bring great returns to depositors. Ultimately, with crypto money, you pay for goods and services. Cryptocurrency is a financial part of the future of Ukraine and the world.

Mardi 31 Janvier 2023

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