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TXN Bot Set To Release Web3 Software That Automates NFT Transactions

Including Minting, Buying and Selling and Auto Market Aggregators.

TXN Bot will act directly through a Smart Contract on the Ethereum and Solana blockchain. Product launch is scheduled for 3/19 limited to only 250 copies. More keys to be released in limited quantities to control market saturation.

No doubt that NFT has risen to the top of the Crypto world. Every day more and more NFT offerings appear. The process of creating, minting, and selling an NFT collection has been quite cumbersome, until now.

For high demand releases of NFT Collections, there are often gas wars due to sellout within a few blocks. By automating this process, TXN Bot allows creators to bypass restrictions across wallet limits (limit on how many can be minted per wallet), reduce gas fees by batch minting, and confirm transactions within seconds of the sale going live.

Within the NFT community there is a huge lack of moderation/monitor and resource discord bots/apps. All systems now are just preexisting solutions trying to fit a Web3.0 problem, i.e., putting shoes on that are 2 sizes small. TXN is here to deliver new software resulting in a seamless user experience. Users would be able to easily manage multiple wallets and mint multiple NFTs through a contract with ease.

The TXN application is extremely beneficial for future NFT investors and for current “whales” of the space. Some of its features:
● Mass Mint the second a NFT sale goes live.
● Batch Minting to reduce gas fees, saving your profit margins.
● Batch mint across wallets to bypass wallet limits and maximum transaction limits.
● Features a dashboard to create, distribute, and manage wallets securely on users’ machines.
● Ethereum/Solana Support.

TXN reports on marketplace monitors and tools to be added soon.
● Monitor, Automate Transactions, Monitor Floor through 3rd Party Marketplaces.
● Mass Sweep on Price Drops.
● Monitor and Automate purchases while away from one’s machine.
● Streamlined monitors to feed, buy NFT’s from monitors’ feed.
● Updated highly dynamic and complex User Interface.

Company Name: TXN


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Lundi 14 Mars 2022