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Swanest Helps Investors Paint a Holistic Picture of their Finances

Company launches global portfolio tracking service across any stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies.

Swanest, a robo-advisor that makes intelligent investing simple, announces that its smart, global investment hub is now live. As part of this investment technology platform, the first service consists of a digital portfolio tracker that helps investors create a holistic view of their savings and investments consisting of any stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies. In doing so, the fintech firm combines an unprecedented range of financial assets, personalization capability and user experience, further expanding its digital advisory services footprint.

“In further automating our investment technology services, users can now manage their portfolios in one central place,” said Nicolas Bindels, co-founder, Swanest. “Our focus on individual needs, automation and the user experience overall, helps self-directed investors boost their efficiency and improve overall risk/return. For financial advisors this also presents an opportunity to strengthen client relationships and increase assets under management.”

In its intent to launch a traditional robo-advisor, Swanest conducted extensive user testing to better understand the real needs of digital investors. Among the most basic needs, is the ability to generate a holistic view on one’s finances. The portfolio tracker builds the basic for such a holistic view.

“A holistic view of your finances is the basic information needed to start enhancing your financial situation. We want every investor to benefit from the technology, no matter whether the person is self-directed or invests together with a financial advisor,” said Silvan Schumacher, CEO, Swanest.

He continued, “In addition to satisfying the customer need for digital tools, we want to help the industry to become more efficient and able to provide services to a wider audience. Providing quality investment services to a wider audience is especially relevant. Most people will struggle to meet their financial goals in the future and will need guidance on how they can improve their situation. Yet, the inability of financial advisors to provide services to people with a low amount of investable assets creates a so called ‘advice gap’. Our intent is to help to close this gap.”

The portfolio tracking services follows the recent launch of Swanest’s risk and return scanner, which helps users make more informed decisions by automating the risk and expected return analysis of their financial assets through advanced algorithms.

In the near future, Swanest will enable users to connect investment and savings accounts automatically and eventually gain full control over these accounts as well.

About Swanest
Swanest is a financial technology start-up that develops intelligent investment tools to help investors and advisors build, analyze and manage portfolios in a simple way. Based in London and Brussels, the company was founded in October 2014. Its technology empowers fully self-directed investors directly on and those with a need for an advisor through its institutional offer.

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Mardi 12 Mars 2019

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