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Security token (STO) analysis by Chain Partners

We are observing the emergence of a boom in the security token (STO: Security Token Offering) sector of the digital asset market.

Although some optimists forecast that the security token market value will reach several trillion dollars
within 2-3 years, this is a lofty expectation in our view. Our view is that security tokens still remain at an experimental stage, and 2019 will become the initial period for the appearance of legitimate infrastructure for the institutionalization of digital assets. As security tokens fall under the framework of traditional finance, we believe it is nearly impossible for it to expand into a trillion dollar market without the entrance of financial institutions.

(In early 2018 when the majority of the market was utility tokens, the maximum value of the digital asset market was USD 814b). For the institutionalization of digital assets, there needs to be: 1) clear regulations; 2) international standards; 3) legitimate infrastructure; and 4) participation of reputable traditional financial institutions. We believe it may take a long time for the digital asset market to fulfill these standards. We project the security token market size will grow to USD 2t by 2030 with a 59% CAGR during 2019-2030, amid steady improvement of the digital asset ecosystem, toward institutionalization possibly after 2025. The contents of this report are as follows.

Download the report below (PDF 34 pages)

Laurent Leloup
Fondateur Finyear & Chaineum
Auteur de "Blockchain, la révolution de la confiance"

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