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SEVEN20 Announces Brand Transition to Full Web3 Entertainment Company

Dean Wilson, founder and CEO of Seven20 (the “Company”), announces today a brand transition into a full Web3 entertainment company.

With Web3 as the common thread that binds the business and its partners, Seven20 will focus on blockchain, the metaverse, and its continued work in music via management, labels and publishing.

This is an important and natural next step for Seven20, as the Company has been about independence since its inception. This is in essence what blockchain technology is for creators – independence. It’s the freedom and the right to own an individual’s content, monetize it, and distribute it at one’s own discretion with no intermediaries.

“This is an exciting and ground-breaking time in all industries, but especially ours (entertainment) because of the lack of clarity for so many years surrounding the value of music, content and celebrity. The transition to Web3 is a learning curve for many, but with the right blend of early adopters, tech moguls and unique creators, we will see that learning curve lessen and mass adoption will rise,” said Wilson.


Web3: Web3 is the common thread that binds the business and partners
Blockchain: NFT innovation creates limitless product opportunities, giving ownership to the community
Metaverse: Creating experiences in Web3 that give creators access and control
Music: Community of world-renowned artists via management, labels and publishing

“Being a full Web3 company means that at the core of our business we understand, value and embrace technology that has a global and cultural impact on the entertainment industry,” Wilson said. “We develop and execute strategies with the mindset of being as far out into the future as possible. We firmly believe in creators’ rights to see the upside of their creations and will never stop supporting them and pushing the boundaries for the industry at large.”

Wilson is manager and business partner to electronic music star deadmau5. Together they were early adopters of NFTs and they continue to push the boundaries within live tech and deadmau5’s virtual gaming world of Oberhasli. In 2021 alone, Wilson and deadmau5 released multiple blockchain-powered NFT projects including a July 2021 collab with artist Alan Bolton, the ‘SLICKMAU5’ NFT collection on Nifty Gateway, NFT VIP packages to deadmau5’s 2021 Red Rocks shows, and his single “this is fine” with Portugal. The Man was released on the blockchain as NFTs.

Seven20 is partnered with the following companies:

Mau5trap -
Pixelynx -
Kryptonomic -
Emanate -
Pearpop -
Audius -
Rarez -
Zytara -
Outlier Ventures -

Founded in 2018 by CEO Dean Wilson, SEVEN20 is a technology and entertainment company designed to overturn the traditional music management model in favor of a partnership-based approach that fully empowers its artists. In the time since, the company has adopted even bigger goals. Through the freedom of the blockchain, SEVEN20 seeks to push the entire music and entertainment industry forward with new IP and equity deals only possible with this technology. Wilson is an influential and innovative figure within the electronic music industry as well as the longtime manager and business partner of GRAMMY Award-nominated electronic music phenomenon Joel Zimmerman—aka deadmau5. With SEVEN20’s new pivot, he and deadmau5 are taking what they’ve learned from years of owning and controlling their own masters and publishing and looking into the radical new future that the blockchain enables for the industry.


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Mercredi 9 Février 2022

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