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Reltime to liberalise global trade and cut out middlemen with new decentralised exchange (DEX)

First Nordic company to launch a next-generation DEX to trade, swap, pool, win, farm and much more, anywhere in the world.

Reltime is developing and will soon be launching its Decentralised Exchange (DEX), cutting out any middlemen and providing businesses, traders and producers with freedom and attractive benefits through peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, swapping, pooling, winning, and farming of digital assets, commodities, precious metals, and foreign exchange world-wide.

“The Reltime DEX will liberalise and revolutionise the way trade is conducted around the globe,” says Peter Michel Heilmann, CEO, Reltime. “Decentralisation is the fundamental principle of Web3 so for us, as a Web3 disruptor, developing a DEX for ourselves and for our partners globally is the most logical step forward. Our Reltime DEX could, for example, be used as a truly easy-to-trade platform for local fairtrade and premium cocoa producers to trade their quality beans directly with buyers on the other side of the plan, without the interference of any intermediaries. A smart contract inside the DEX enabling the transaction is automatically created. We are developing our own blockchain logistics management system that will be connected to the DEX. Reltime’s instant smart contract could, for example, be between the seller (e.g. the grower or producer in Africa or Latin America), transporter (e.g. a shipping company), and buyer (e.g. the end user or merchant in Japan). The Reltime DEX is securing the buyer and seller until the goods have been delivered.”

Reltime has already received serious interest and requests for its DEX from potential partners based in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

The Reltime DEX:
• is a one-click solution built on top of Reltime’s global Web3 ecosystem and Layer 1, Proof of Authority blockchain;
• is easy to use, offering anyone the opportunity to trade anytime and anywhere;
• is much more trustworthy than a centralised exchange (CEX), which works with intermediaries;
• will be accessible to users from the Reltime App, MetaMask and other wallets;
• will support all EVM-compatible tokens and coins as well as Bitcoin;
• will be multi-lingual and inexpensive to use, since it will not have any internal transaction fees;
• will offerfarming—whereby DEX users can reclaim their funds whenever they wish, along with the “harvest,” which the digital asset is earned from farming—swapping, pooling, winning, and earning opportunities.

When it comes to trading, Reltime will be able to secure the best delivery (shipping) solutions and will carry out electronic Know Your Customer—with proprietary eKYC technology, utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning—and Anti-Money Laundering checks.

Reltime’s trusted B2B2C partners will be able to mint or create and list their own token on the DEX, e.g. via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), and to pair it with other coins. Furthermore, the newly-launched Token Sale Platform, empowered by Reltime, can be used in order to raise capital off the market (e.g. through a pre-IDO). Reltime has its own token, RTC, and stablecoin, RTO (Reltime Oxygen).

As part of Reltime’s FastTrack to Web3, B2B2C partners can build their own DEX with products, services, tokens and other tradable assets—with their unique identity (branding, mobile iOS and Android app and frontend), backend, onboarding (eKYC), settings, web domains, language(s), user experience (UX) and interface (UI) as well as monitoring and reporting (e.g. regulatory, customer onboarding, and black/white lists).

About Reltime
Reltime’s mission is to liberalise, improve and protect people’s lives, finances and assets. Aiming for one hundred million people and businesses to send, receive, withdraw, deposit, borrow, lend, earn, swap, trade, interact and transact on the Metaverses and in the real world by 2025, Reltime also protects people’s identity through its global, game-changing Web3 technology.
A disruptive technology company with Nordic trust, honesty and transparency that is changing the game in the new world, Reltime has built the first global Web3 financial ecosystem on top of its Layer 1, Proof of Authority blockchain. Reltime offers cutting-edge, white-labelled B2B2C (FastTrack to Web3), Metaverse and Web3 solutions to trusted partners around the world. Headquartered in Oslo and with subsidiaries in Norway (Conax Technology AS, established in January 2010), Lithuania and El Salvador, Reltime recently secured a USD 50 million investment commitment from GEM Digital Limited.
Download Reltime’s 24-page presentation at and white paper 5.0 at



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Mardi 6 Septembre 2022