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PrimeRevenue and Tower Trade Group Partner Providing Small and Medium Sized Companies with Supply Chain Solutions

Strategic Partnership Delivers Supply Chain Solutions to SMEs.

PrimeRevenue, Inc., the global leader in financial supply chains, signed a strategic partnership with Tower Trade Group, an international trade finance company, based in Lausanne Switzerland, with global operations in the US, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, and the UK. This collaboration focuses mainly on small and medium sized buying organizations providing them financing for a unique range of powerful multi-funder supply chain finance solutions.

This partnership already accounts for more than $100 million in processed volume and delivers benefits to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing them with supplier financing solutions typically available to large buying organizations only. This solution offered by Tower Trade Group is leveraging the PrimeRevenue OpenSCi platform and helps SMEs finance growth, increase profitability and ensure long-term sustainability.

“Partnering with PrimeRevenue gives us immediate access to a global platform for processing supply chain solutions financed by bank and non-bank funders. The offering of such working capital financing solutions differs from what is available in the market today and we already see strong growth from clients on a global basis,” said Richard Cochrane, Chief Operating Officer of Tower Trade Group.

“Tower Trade Group also provides access to its logistics partners further enhancing the benefits of their supply chain solutions by integrating supply chain logistics and finance into one seamless solution,” adds Cochrane.

“The capabilities of our platform coupled with the innovative financing solutions provided by Tower Trade Group make this partnership a strategic step in the trade finance sector. Our offering now gives smaller businesses the ability to setup their own supply chain finance program, which is unique in the market,” said Dan Juliano, Senior Vice President of Business Development, PrimeRevenue, Inc.

About Tower Trade Group
Tower Trade Group is an international company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Their primary objective is to provide a range of trade related services, which are designed to provide clients with trade and supply chain solutions resulting in improved cash flow and enhanced balance sheet management. The Group services clients globally ranging from small and medium sized companies to large local companies.

About PrimeRevenue, Inc.
For organizations that view their supply chains as a strategic asset and are seeking to increase supply chain efficiency, PrimeRevenue has the answer. PrimeRevenue provides cash flow to more than 17,000 clients through its OpenSCi suite which offers the control and flexibility required by organizations to optimize their working capital as well as reduce costs and risks throughout the financial supply chain. Headquartered in Atlanta, PrimeRevenue also has offices in Cape Town, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Monterrey, Paris and Prague. PrimeRevenue operates some of the largest supply chain finance programs for clients around the globe.

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