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Vendredi 16 Janvier 2015

PrimeRevenue, Inc. Unveils New Innovations with Latest Software Release

Leading Supply Chain Finance Provider Releases Version 6.0 of SCiSupplier Platform.

PrimeRevenue Inc., the global leader in financial supply chains, today announced the release of Version 6.0 of its SCiSupplier platform, the only common solution for dynamic discounting and supply chain finance on the market. The new version delivers important upgrades for the 17,000 companies that use PrimeRevenue’s platform on a daily basis.

New features and enhancements include:
- New unified user experience across all OpenSCi product suites
- Searchable help content, frequently asked questions, and user guides
- Full integration of dynamic discounting capabilities within the OpenSCi product suite
- Unique financing solution, called Zero Rate, which allows buying organizations to run a financial supply chain program without charging their suppliers any fees or discounts
- Full support for both the Japanese Yen and the Vietnamese Dong, bringing the total number of currencies supported on the platform to 22
- Full support in Chinese, German, and Dutch, bringing the total number of languages supported on the platform to eight
- Expanded reporting capabilities
- Enhanced security settings

“We are thrilled to unveil SciSupplier version 6.0, the most comprehensive financial supply chain solution on the market. Using an innovative mix of tools and services, including dynamic discounting and supply chain finance, SCiSupplier version 6.0 helps organizations become more profitable by allowing them to monetize their entire supplier base,” said Mark Winslow, Product Manager, PrimeRevenue, Inc. “Our products and enhancements are developed in close relationship with our customers and partners and we will continue to add to our portfolio of innovative payment solutions in order to serve their evolving needs,” added Winslow.

About PrimeRevenue, Inc.
For organizations that view their supply chains as a strategic asset and are seeking to increase supply chain efficiency, PrimeRevenue has the answer. PrimeRevenue provides cash flow to more than 17,000 clients through its OpenSCi suite which offers the control and flexibility required by organizations to optimize their working capital as well as reduce costs and risks throughout the financial supply chain. Headquartered in Atlanta, PrimeRevenue also has offices in Cape Town, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Monterrey, Paris and Prague. PrimeRevenue operates some of the largest supply chain finance programs for clients around the globe.

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