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PAMM and MAM System for Brokers

In 2021 PAMM and MAM accounts are proving to be more popular than ever and continue to capture the attention of traders. There are several reasons for this growth, not least because of the increase in online trading which has impacted on the demand for Forex and crypto-related services from brokerages. The potential for attracting more business has never been so obvious, therefore, it’s not surprising to see that many brokerages are already offering these kinds of services to their clients to capitalise on their popularity.

This article looks at what PAMM and MAM accounts are and explores how offering these accounts to your clients can boost your business revenues. It will also enable you to understand the difference between PAMM and MAM.

PAMM (Investment Fund)

A PAMM account is a very popular type of account for money management whereby all investment accounts are pooled into one big trading account. It is used for running investment funds by individuals or institutions. A money manager trades on one big account and all investors receive profits and losses in proportion to the size of their accounts. A PAMM system is ideal for HFT traders, investment funds and professional traders.

The system works by collecting all trading statistics available on the leaderboard. Clients simply need to access the platform, choose a money manager and invest in that account. Although investors cannot trade on their investment accounts, they can monitor their performance in real-time.

PAMM accounts are a great opportunity for traders as they allow them to invest into a trading strategy or system without the need for a large amount of capital. In this way, PAMM can be considered as an investment fund as all investors receive profit and loss from trades proportionally to their funds.

For investment managers, they provide the means to promote to, and engage, a number of clients together in an easily manageable way. A PAMM system is also an ideal tool for spreading risk amongst a larger group of investors and allows for greater tolerance for short-term volatility.

MAM (Multi Account Manager)

MAM accounts help a trader manage multiple trading accounts using a single terminal. They work by combining individual trader accounts into a large pool of managed funds of individual trader accounts as well as investor accounts.

MAM accounts are suitable for professional money managers who periodically need to activate and deactivate particular investment accounts to skip new trades. MAM is a copier based solution - investors’ accounts are not combined into one big trading account, rather, they maintain their individual accounts. Investors are not able to trade on investment accounts as they are in read-only mode.

These accounts are ideal for professional money managers who already have a pool of investors. They are also a good solution for investment funds and proprietary trading companies where multiple traders are looking to manage one investment pool which can then be managed by different automated or manual strategies.

Why Offer a PAMM and MAM System?

Offering PAMM and MAM accounts for brokers makes logical sense. They are not just a way for brokers to offer customers another way to trade but the chance to start a new career path, and of course, the opportunity to greatly boost their overall earnings.

B2Broker Investment Platform

To help brokerages, there is a sophisticated system on the market available offered by B2Broker. The company’s Investment Platform, an automated investment service, brings together PAMM, MAM and Social Trading for Brokerage business, otherwise known as Copy Trading (a system whereby successful traders open master accounts, deposit into them with their own funds and then trade in the same way as if it were a simple trading account) to offer brokerages the chance to increase their revenues with a cutting-edge, tailor-made solution. As well as helping brokerages attract new customers, the Investment Platform has the added benefit of improving conversion and increasing the lifetime values of traders.

Investment Platform Key Features

B2Broker’s Investment Platform offers brokerages the opportunity to increase their revenues with a tailor-made solution that can be set up in less than a week. Features include:
- Full integration with MT4 and MT5
- Web interfaces giving your clients full control over their accounts
- History importer providing access to trading statistics in your leaderboard
- Automatic fee payment including 5 types of fees including performance, volume and subscription
- Widgets for a website so you can show traders' success without coding a single line of code
- Risk management tools for your clients including maximum drawdown for investment accounts and daily risk limits for money managers
-Admin panel and Manager’s app comprising a fully functional cabinet for investors and money managers

Offering this excellent PAMM/MAM & Copy Trading system to your users is a great way to increase your business’s revenue-potential. To learn more about our Investment Platform and launch an attractive investment model for your customers, please contact our sales team at

Lundi 17 Janvier 2022

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