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Ownera and R3 Announce Collaboration for Inter-tradability of Assets From Any Ledger

Ownera, provider of a global inter-trading network based on the open-source FinP2P protocol, and R3, the global enterprise technology firm, are partnering to enable Ownera to offer a unified digital wallet solution for institutions.

The solution will unlock global distribution and liquidity for the digital assets market across any asset class, including private securities, and any underlying ledger - private or public.

The digital securities industry can benefit from this inter-tradability between different digitization solutions, that are custodied and settled across different networks. With an increasing number of digitized asset sources, these need to be brought together and allow for crucial global cross-market distribution and liquidity. This has the potential to promote further institutional adoption and the global distribution of high-quality assets.

The FinP2P routing network solves this problem by orchestrating the instant exchange of digital assets held on any blockchain platform, for digital cash held on any ledger. It supports primary issuance, secondary trading and DeFi-style instant borrowing against assets pledged as collateral. Institutions that have deployed R3’s Corda platform will also be able to use the solution to manage both assets held on Corda alongside assets tokenized elsewhere. The solution can work with the client’s preferred third-party or in-house digital custody solution.

Todd McDonald, co-founder at R3 said: “At R3, our purpose is to build and grow networks that are trusted, safe and open. We believe that users should have the freedom to connect and interoperate with each other across multiple networks and markets. We are excited to see the interoperability work emerging across the wider R3 ecosystem, such as the orchestration and “inter-tradability” of digital assets across Corda and other ledgers offered via Ownera’s FinP2P.”

“Institutions have been faced with the challenge of deploying multiple blockchain technologies if they want to reach different isolated pools of assets,” adds Anthony Woolley, the head of business development at Ownera. “The adoption of FinP2P will result in higher liquidity and better access to capital and assets by providing regulated firms with one secure point of connection to multiple digital asset networks across the globe. In turn, the wallet we have developed will enable those firms to give their clients one user-friendly interface to access investment opportunities throughout the FinP2P ecosystem. We believe that enabling high quality assets to be distributed to a global audience of suitable investors is key to driving institutional engagement in the digital assets space.”

About R3
R3 is a leading provider of enterprise technology and services for the development of multi-party solutions that enable direct, digital collaboration in regulated industries where trust is critical. R3 provides distributed ledger and confidential computing platforms, capabilities, and services for the development and scaling of multi-party applications and ecosystem solutions.

About Ownera
Ownera is a digital assets software company building the institutional rails for a new multi-trillion-dollar digital securities market. The company led the creation of the open-source specifications of the FinP2P interoperability protocol and delivers FinP2P based network nodes and digital assets solutions to the financial industry, thus enabling global distribution and liquidity for digital securities.


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Jeudi 22 Septembre 2022

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