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Options Strategies Insider Review - Learn the Chess Game of Investing

Options Strategies Insider review reveals an expert, soft start to strategic stock options trading.

It’s not going to end well.

If novice stock traders jump into options, this phrase is a near guarantee. It is likely to not turn out well. Options Strategies Insider provides a successful entrance into the options game by learning strategic moves from those with a proven success track record.

The Options Strategies Insider membership is an options trading education platform for those who want to learn and grow into successful options traders. It navigates the terminology, timing, market conditions, and actual how-to strategies for users. It provides weekly and daily trades and has an 88% profit track record.

Options trading is good for investors comfortable with risk, who have a moderate investment in stock accounts, time to learn, and then the ability to apply strategies. One barrier to the options market is the steep learning curve. Individuals need to commit to the basics, then shadow individuals or deep dive into platforms that distill what is happening during market hours. Then, using that knowledge, ramp up investments and strategies that work. It is important to review education options before starting.

Educational Quality: Options Strategies Insider review
-Track record: 88% success rate on trades since 2015
-Instructor experience: 20+ years trading at the biggest investment firms
-Community support: thinkorswim (free), discussion (executive/ultra)
-Mentorship: research reports and priority support
-Features: free membership level, high-quality instruction production
-Price: free to $167/mo with discounts available

It is important to note the entrance cost into options trading (just trading, not education) can be as low as $200. However, strategically, a more realistic successful entrance price point is between $5,000 - $10,000.

Options Strategies Insider memberships

-High-quality video production
-Trading examples
-Options dictionary
-Beginning options course
-Intermediate options course
-Cancel anytime
-Thinkorswim lessons

Executive - $97/mo
-Certificate of course completion
-Most proven strategies
-Executive research reports
-Advanced option course
-3 to 6 trades monthly
-thinkorswim plugins

Ultra - $167/mo
-Ultra trade alerts
-Ultra research report
-Optional lifetime membership
-3 trades monthly (in addition to those in Executive)

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The Options Strategies Insider educational course moves students through training modules, and quizzes, and concludes with feedback.

Options Strategies Insider and thinkorswim

Options Strategies Insider teaches investors how to trade on thinkorswim. Thinkorswim is an investment platform owned by TD Ameritrade. Thinkorswim is similar to Trade Ideas, in that it analyzes what’s going on in the market. It is ranked number-one by for its desktop trading platform, active trading, and platforms and tools. It is also ranked number-one on mobile platforms by Investopedia.


Options trading classes range from stand-alone products produced on common educational platforms to finance-specific choices. Entrants can also easily look on YouTube, but for true success, it is recommended to get expert training.

Below are a few competitors that offer options trading tips, and options trading education in varying frequencies and forms.

-Options Play ($100/mo, weekly coaching calls, interface to trade with insights)
-Explosive Options ($299/mo, ebook tutorials, quarterly webinars, real-time alerts and chat)
-Max Options Trading ($1,000/mo, instant alerts, private coaching, $50k trading account)

Benefits to options trading

Options are short-term investments. Experienced investors know how to limit risk and see returns quickly. The returns can be significantly higher than stock. Options will always be around, whereas a specific company or industry will come and go.

Major online brokers allow investors to enter the options market with lower, even no fees. Options are also liquid, meaning investors can cash out any time the market is open. The stocks can be purchased at a lower price because of their shorter-term rate.

Interested? Options basics

In addition to reading reviews, knowing a few basics is helpful to determine if options trading is worth the investment.

Covered below are:
-Equity securities

Options strategies

An individual can invest in options, but will probably be caught in a chess game not knowing the rules with a lot of money at stake. If the market rises or falls, options can result in returns. This is done in two ways, the call option and the put option.

A call option means limited return with limited risk. It’s also called “going short.” It is the options strategy that is best known. If buying a call option, the market is expected to rise. If selling or holding, the market is expected to dip.

The put option means the investor commits to selling the underlying stock. Selling occurs when the price reaches a certain point or until the option expires. Put options are bought when the market falls, and are sold when the market rises.

What are options?

Options trading is an investment type that gives traders the ability to buy and sell contracts related to securities. Options represent 100 shares of a stock at a fraction of a stock’s actual price.

In a nutshell, stock in a company is being sold on a very short-term basis. Let’s deep dive into securities, which are the contracts bought and sold through options.

What are securities?

The most common types of securities are stocks, bonds, EFTs, and preferred shares. It also includes money market instruments, futures, and hedge fund options. Companies, partnerships, and trusts can all be backed by securities.

Securities are used to raise capital in private or public companies.

Securities have three types: equity, debt, and hybrid. Securities equity is a stake in the company's ownership by a group of shareholders. This is in the form of stock - either common or preferred. Equity takes the form of stock in either type. Debt can take the form of loans and creditors that have a stake in the company. A hybrid is a combination of the two.

Common equity securities have voting rights. Stock is also callable, meaning issuers can buy back stock at a certain date or price. The investors also may have a right to sell stock back to the issuer at a certain price. Preferred equity securities allow investors to see returns in dividend payments or company liquidation.

Options Strategies Insider review

Options Strategies Insider offers a quality product at a price point validating its effectiveness educationally and in the options market. Entering the options market requires significant capital invested in the stock market, but for hobbyist investors, or those looking to maximize a short-term investment, options can provide liquidity in a volatile market.

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