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OVER, TerraBitcoin Club and Luxochain Offers At Least 1 Bitcoin

As Prize In NFT Treasure Hunt on OVER AR Metaverse in Lugano.

The treasure hunt will take place in Lugano, Switzerland, before the city’s crypto-focused Plan₿ event.
Switzerland — 25th October 2022 — OVER, the decentralized infrastructure for an open, AR (Augmented Reality) enabled metaverse, is partnering with Luxochain, leading company for digital Certificates of authenticity for fashion and luxury and TerraBitcoin Club, a private and confidential club for free people and investors, to host Lugano's first augmented reality treasure hunt on the 27th of October at “Palazzo dei Congressi” in Lugano, Switzerland. Alongside the "Plan₿" event, to be held on 28th and 29th October, the treasure hunt involves the exploration of the city of Lugano through an AR-enabled app, accessible through participants' smartphones. Those interested in participating can sign-up here.

The NFT treasure hunt will see users take part in tests and quizzes on blockchain, macroeconomics, and the economy of the city in an attempt to earn virtual tokens. The total number of tokens collected individually will contribute to each team's score. The three teams that collect the largest number of virtual tokens will win prizes from a pool of up to 1 Bitcoin. Players can download the OVER AR mobile app which will enable them to interact with the OVER metaverse, and with other players throughout the city through their own bespoke, personalized 3D avatars. The treasure hunt is also sponsored by an array of exciting Web3 projects such as Utrust, Xriba, Yeldo, and Arkadia.

Davide Cuttini, co-founder and CEO of OVER, said: "This partnership will highlight Lugano as a city of innovation, and give users the opportunity to interact and play with emerging Web3 technologies in a fun and engaging way. City-wide initiatives like this ease the barriers to blockchain adoption and will shape the future of events by merging both the physical and virtual worlds seamlessly, unlocking endless new experiences and opportunities through AR.”

Davide Baldi, CEO of Luxochain, said: “We are honored to contribute to the realization of this initiative, which helps to bring citizens closer to the blockchain in the easiest way, by playing. We are constantly working to make Lugano a point of reference for blockchain technology on the international scene."

Paolo Barrai, founder of TerraBitcoin Club said "Treasure hunting is an opportunity to play together digitally in the beautiful setting of Lugano lake. Covid and war are reducing our freedom. De-globalization creates barriers. The way we socialize is now more digital than real. Everyone needs to pay attention to personal freedom and living a real life. This treasure hunt will facilitate real contact with people. The digital world is important, but it should only serve to facilitate the traditional way of living.”

Held in the increasingly blockchain and crypto-friendly city of Lugano, the treasure hunt takes place the day before the renowned Plan B Forum. This Bitcoin conference brings together world leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs to discuss nation-state Bitcoin adoption, economics, and financial freedom.

Individuals interested in taking part in the treasure hunt can register for CHF 25, or attend for free if in possession of a PlanB Forum ticket. For those looking for further excitement, there will also be an exclusive dinner available to attend at Parco Ciani Restaurant for CHF 190 at the end of the competition on the 27th of October. This dinner will allow individuals to meet and network with the speakers of the upcoming Plan ₿ Forum.

About OVER
OVER is building the first augmented reality (AR) open metaverse. Heralding a new dawn for the metaverse, OVER enables users to create unique geolocalized experiences that bridge the gap between our physical and digital worlds. Utilizing best-in-class, community-driven 3D mapping, OVER provides users and builders alike with the opportunity to own AR metaverse real estate, map their local areas to earn OVR tokens, and explore Web3 like never before.
Committed to cross-platform interoperability, OVER supports real-time augmented reality
capabilities, AI avatar motion-captured interactions, and hyperrealistic NFT assets which, in time, will be transmissible between metaverses. With more than 923K active participants, OVER is setting the standard for a decentralized AR ecosystem in Web3.

About Luxochain
Luxochain is a Swiss company, based in Lugano, with world-class expertise in leveraging blockchain technology and product certification. Our mission is to deliver sustainability, reputation, and authenticity into the luxury market and ensure ownership of real products, creating unique certificates of authenticity and ownership combined with each product. Luxochain aims to increase brand awareness and fight the counterfeiting market. Luxochain registers goods’ ownership transfers and the customer receives a certificate of digital property, as if it were the passport of the product itself, with a guarantee of non-repeatability. Luxochain offers a service to end-users, protecting them in the purchase of their products. At the same time, it works alongside luxury brands, providing them with a transparency and loyalty system, as well as analytics and insights toward their customers.

About TerraBitcoin Club
TerraBitcoin's mission is to analyse the changes taking place and to find opportunities in the transition from a world crowded with intermediaries and fiat currencies, to a world where the same assets, services and companies can be represented by tokens that will become the new currencies. TerraBitcoin has created its own private club: TerraBitcoin Club where more than 450 members, located around the world, meet in chat rooms, webinars and in person to share knowledge and exchange views in the areas of economics and personal freedom. TerraBitcoin regularly creates public as well as private educational content. Started Terra Nodes, which focuses on securing blockchains by maintaining validator nodes. Developed Terra Bot to improve and facilitate traders' operations. TerraBitcoin is a free land for free people, come visit us:


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