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New Cryptocurrency, VOYCEToken Closes in on $1 Million MarketCap

VOYCEToken, a new cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is one of the most exciting charitable tokens, where global charities receive donations from each transaction. VOYCEToken is a non-deflationary token with a cap of 1 Trillion tokens. Each transaction of VOYCEToken donates 4% to homeless charities.

The presale began with a total sale token count of 90,000,000,000 VOYCE, valued at 450,000,000 VOYCE per BnB. The hard cap for presale was just 200 BNB (around $100K).

VOYCEToken completed its decentralized presale launch on PinkSale, selling out its hard cap of 200BNB.

Upon launching, VOYCEToken was available for the public to buy from decentralized exchanges like Pancakeswap and Poocoin. This was followed shortly after by FloozTrade. After the sellout presale and successful launch, VOYCEToken went on to be listed on the two biggest crypto price tracking websites 'COINGECKO' and then followed by 'COINMARKETCAP'. Thousands of wallets have already bought VOYCEToken with many more sure to jump on board.

Trust is essential in the crypto space. Due to which total transparency in all areas of community and development activities is necessary, along with tight security measures. VOYCEToken, being a new cryptocurrency on BSC, provides not only donations to homeless charities worldwide but also gathers high confidence among its investors due to the top-notch network protocol.

To increase the Token utility, VOYCEToken has documented one of the most comprehensive tech roadmaps on the market. It's not surprising considering the depth of knowledge and experience in the team. Their CEO is the former Head of Blockchain at one of Irelands largest tech research centres. The COO has over 30 years international commercial experience and the CMO has already been involved in the successful launch of another charity crypto bringing it to a multi-million dollar market cap. Their plans are truly inspiring, and if successful no doubt will ensure VOYCEToken as a stable crypto in the space for many years.

The vast experience in the team behind VOYCE means they can build their own blockchain, called VOYCEChain, to drive an entire ecosystem, not only to support crypto transactions but also allowing industry to adapt and integrate their blockchain requirements on VOYCEChain.

Other features include a comprehensive NFT Marketplace which again not only donates to homeless charities but also uses VOYCEToken as the transactional currency. This shrewd move ensures utility for a token which will be a major player in the NFT and DeFi space.

The entire VOYCE Ecosystem is designed to co-exist. VOYCEChain will allow other 'genuine' charity cryptos to launch. VOYCEXchange will provide some of the lowest fees in the industry. VOYCEMarket will promote all the latest and greatest NFTs while using VOYCEToken as the transactional currency and sitting on VOYCEChain. And then there's VOYCEPay. Bringing absolute utility to VOYCEToken allowing you to spend your tokens at any point of sale worldwide.

VOYCEToken was founded with 4 core values. CHARITY, COMMUNITY, TRANSPARENCY, LONGEVITY. Mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies is steadily growing with over 10% of the world's population already having traded in some way. IPO's of companies like Coinbase Global Inc. is pushing crypto further into the mainstream audience, and its surely only a matter of time before the rest of the global population sit up and take notice. It is this sentiment that will continue to bring VOYCEToken and its community to new and even greater heights. So, if you're looking for a quality project to take your portfolio to the next level, then look no further. VOYCEToken needs to be top of your list!

VOYCEToken Smart Contract Address: 0x05901cB9cbD15ECBe48cC98F946045661a7E12bA



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Lundi 21 Février 2022

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