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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News

Metis Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Optimistic and ZK Hybrid Rollup at ETH Denver to Accelerate Transaction Speeds

Metis, an organization committed to building a robust and decentralized Layer 2 infrastructure to empower the Web3 economy, today unveiled the development of its forthcoming Hybrid Rollup at ETH Denver. Through the first-of-its-kind Hybrid Rollup, Metis is aiming to blend the speed validation of Optimistic Rollups with the security of Zero Knowledge Proofs, to ultimately accelerate the growing Web3 economy.

Rollup solutions have proven to be a crucial advancement for bridging scalability by eliminating high gas fees and low throughput. However, Optimistic and ZK Rollups suffer unique challenges that significantly limit their scalability potential. Optimistic Rollups suffer from delays in transaction finality and slow withdrawal speeds – taking as long as seven days for Layer 2 users to withdraw funds to the underlying network. ZK Rollups, on the other hand, demand high computing power, which results in slow transaction confirmation time.

Despite becoming an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem, it is critical that rollups evolve to alleviate these pain points. To this end, Metis is advancing its research and development efforts with the goal of becoming the first-ever Optimistic Rollup to reduce the time from seven days to roughly four hours. Metis’ Hybrid Rollup will look to combine the speed of Optimistic Rollups with the security of Zero Knowledge Proofs to improve transaction confirmation and finalization speeds.

“The Metis team is proud to reveal its advances in research and development of the Hybrid Rollup,” said Yuan Su, CTO of Metis. “To bolster the adoption of blockchain technology, users must be empowered with platforms that meet their needs, and free them from bottlenecks. We firmly believe this research has the potential to substantially reduce transaction and withdrawal wait times for users. We want to express our appreciation to the Optimism team, who built the foundation for this level of advancement.”

“We’re thrilled to unveil our concept of the Hybrid Rollup, as this has been a major area of focus of our development,” added Elena Sinelnikova, CEO of Metis. “At Metis, we are constantly exploring new techniques to scale the blockchain ecosystem, to make it decentralized, and, ultimately, accelerate the digital asset economy owned by people worldwide."

Metis is a first of its kind, scaling and user friendly platform built to scale Ethereum and facilitate infrastructure development. The Metis Layer 2 is just the core component of the Metis Stack*, followed by the Reputation Power System, and the Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) Framework. The Metis Stack will provide the ideal environment for infrastructure development, day-to-day businesses, and other forms of open collaboration to take place.
When using Metis, users can rest assured that their transactions are being secured by Ethereum mainnet while uniquely inheriting the underlying benefits of Ethereum. Builders and users are truly interacting with, and secured by, Ethereum mainnet.


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