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Masterworks Review

The fine arts industry is a very intriguing investment area, but many investors may have trouble investing in fine art. Masterworks, which was founded by Scott Lynn in 2017, allows smaller retail investors to invest in fractional shares of fine art.

This Masterworks review article will provide investors with an overview of some of the benefits of Masterworks and explain why investors should consider fine art.

What is Masterworks?

Masterworks allows investors to invest in a portfolio of fine art through the Masterworks platform. Investors are allowed to invest in fractional shares of any piece of art that they want and have the convenience of investing small amounts in multiple pieces of fine art. Investors can access the support of Masterwork’s research and customer support team and have access to a wide variety of fine art.

Masterworks’ Track Record
Masterworks has built an impressive track record since it was founded in 2017. Masterworks has purchased over $200 million of fine art since 2017 and has a valuation of over $1 billion.

Masterworks’ track record data is limited, as Masterworks plans to hold some of these investments for up to ten years. The targeted return for these investments is 30% per annum.

How Does it Work?

While Masterworks doesn't have a minimum investment amount requirement, fractional shares tend to start at $20. Once you make this investment, Masterworks will hold onto the investment for 3-10 years. Users can design their fine art portfolio based on their investment preferences.

How to Join
Luckily, investors do not need to qualify as accredited investors to apply. Any investor who wants to join Masterworks must apply on the Masterworks website and complete a phone interview. After the individual has talked to someone from Masterworks and been accepted, they can immediately begin investing in fine art.

Ongoing Support from Masterworks
Customers can connect with specialists from Masterworks at any time to discuss their investments and future goals. Masterworks offers support by both phone and email. Customers can easily connect with an art specialist to ask questions about investing, secondary market trading, or portfolio management.

Fees and Trading Information

Masterworks has very reasonable fees and offers extensive support for investors who want to build a portfolio of fine art investments. Moreover, Masterworks provides support for investors when they decide they want to sell their investments.

Fees and Minimum Investment
Masterworks does not have a minimum investment requirement, and the fees are very reasonable. Many investors have started investing with as little as $20. Investors have to pay 1.5 %/year in fees and share 20% of any profits. Masterworks does not charge any fees when investors decide to buy or sell shares.

Benefits of the Secondary Market
In some cases, investors may want to liquidate their investment before Masterworks sells the art. In this case, the investor can sell their investment to another investor on the secondary market. Investors should note that liquidity on the secondary market is not guaranteed, and they may not be able to quickly sell their investment.

Favorable Performance of Fine Art Investments

Contemporary art has outperformed many investments during the past 25 years, including the S&P 500, real estate, and gold. Its return of 13.8% per annum during the past 25 years exceeds the return of many investments. Investors should consider fine art as an investment during times of inflation, as it could outperform other investments.

Diversification Benefits
Not all asset classes will perform well during a recession or inflationary environment. Investors can use fine art investments to diversify their portfolios and potentially outperform during poor market conditions.

Data Support
Masterworks provides investors with a database of the fine art that it sells. This database has information about recent sales and annual investment returns. Investors can use this data to find fine art that they believe has the potential to perform well and to decide when they want to sell.

Masterworks Review: Pros and Cons

Masterworks provides investors with multiple benefits and support from its staff, which makes it a desirable choice for most investors.

- No minimum investment
- Low annual fees and no trading fees
- Potential for above-market returns
- Protection during inflation
- Strong customer support and research team

There are certain factors to consider that may not make Masterworks the best fit for every investor.

- Fine art is less liquid than other products
- Masterworks keeps 20% of all profits

Masterworks Review Final Thoughts

If you are looking for alternative investments that can perform well during periods of inflation, Masterworks is a solid option to consider. Masterworks provides investors with access to an asset class that would otherwise be very difficult for investors to access on their own. Furthermore, investors will receive ongoing support from Masterworks as they continue investing.

Other Options to Consider

If you are interested in other alternative investments, you should consider some of the options listed below.

Vinovest allows investors to invest in a portfolio of rare and vintage wines. Investors can begin investing with Vinovest with as little as $1,000. The long-term performance of fine wines has been favorable, returning at 10% annually during the past thirty years.

Money Metals Exchange is an online bullion exchange that allows investors to invest in gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Investors can also store their investments with Money Metals Exchange.

Alto IRA is a service that allows investors to invest their IRA in alternative investments. Instead of being limited to stocks and mutual funds, investors can explore other assets like precious metals, rental properties, cryptocurrency, and other alternative investments.


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