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Mars4 Metaverse Token Lists on Bittrex Global

Bittrex Global today announced the listing of the Mars4 token on its exchange.

The Mars4 Protocol is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse that includes a virtual reality component which enables users to explore and colonize the Mars terrain. Mars4’s virtual topography was modeled using data collected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In this virtual world, users can purchase plots of land that they can later navigate, build upon and monetize.

The Mars4 token plays a key role in the metaverse and acts as a means of utility and the currency for the in-game economy. After the game launch, every transaction facilitated by Mars4 tokens will result in a yield for Mars4 NFT holders. Before the launch NFT economy was introduced for Mars land owners to generate passive income from the revenue collected during Epochs.

Mars4 has a collection of 888 rare NFTs which will be sold exclusively via auctions held in the metaverse. These rare NFTs are categorized according to land features and Mars4 has two valleys - Unicorns and Crypto - where users can search for land named after well known projects and influencers.

“Mars4 is a GameFi ecosystem where you can explore a virtual Mars Metaverse, own and terraform your land via the survival strategy game - experiencing the world as a Mars NFT landlord or as an adventurous astronaut,” said Richard Berno, CEO at Mars4.

“The Mars4 metaverse is designed to take full advantage of the Ethereum blockchain and of virtual reality technology, with in-depth and detailed views of the virtual world of Mars. It has been created by a team of passionate metaverse enthusiasts whose goal is to grow the community while keeping it exciting and fun,” says Stephen Stonberg, CEO at Bittrex Global. “We are very pleased to have them list with us.”

The Mars4 core team consists of world-class professionals with combined experience from companies like PwC, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Swedbank. Moreover, two of the Mars4 team members helped build and launch the very first marketplace on Second Life, the original metaverse.

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Mars4 is a Metaverse and P2E gaming ecosystem where you can explore a geographically exact 3D virtual Mars, own and customize your land and reap the rewards of the world's first revenue-generating NFT. Mars4 users purchase land plots where they can later cultivate civilisations and create economies. Landlords can build upon, rent and sell their lots. The mars4 metaverse will have multiple play to earn games combining the best of Decentraland, Star Atlas and Axis Infinity. Explore Mars in VR and visit the most beautiful places on Mars as a real pioneer, terraform your land and build various constructions like oxygen generators, mining rigs and much more to earn a passive income. Enter the first ever metaverse built on real maps and imagery of Mars and reap the rewards of play to earn or as a landowner. The land is selling fast and the price is rising every 10,000 plots.
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Jeudi 13 Janvier 2022

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