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Major Industry Veterans Join Blockcap as Mining Expansion Dominates Global Industry

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blockcap Inc. (“Blockcap”), a blockchain technology and mining company, announced today the addition of more industry veterans to its Advisory Board in a move that signals not only a commitment to attracting top-notch talent but also a determination to press ahead with rapid growth. The new arrivals come after Blockcap’s announcement last week that it has acquired an additional 10,000 bitcoin Antminer S19 miners, and after a flurry of additions to its C-Suite and Board of Directors.

Joining Blockcap’s CEO and Vice Chairman Clark Swanson and Executive Chairman Darin Feinstein are Matthew Roszak, Travis Mason, Sonny Singh, and Noah Jessup. The additions were lauded by Feinstein as vital to Blockcap’s mission of continued growth and transforming the United States into a global hub for bitcoin mining and other blockchain-related ventures.

"The addition of such pedigree and expertise to Blockcap is a testament to our mission and the underlying value of the company,” said Blockcap Executive Chairman, Darin Feinstein. “The experts joining our Advisory Board bring decades of experience in both blockchain technologies and policy and regulatory leadership."

Roszak, one of Blockcap’s new advisors, is a renowned cryptocurrency investor and advocate, who co-founded Bloq and founded Tally Capital. He is joined by Mason, a technology, regulatory, and public policy evangelist. Formerly a Chief of Staff at Alphabet's (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google X, Mason also led policy and certification for emerging technology investments of Airbus. Also joining the team is Singh, the Silicon Valley-based Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay, the largest processor of bitcoin in the world. Rounding out the new Advisory Board members is Jessup, former CEO of Honeyminer, the largest consumer mining platform that was acquired by Core Scientific in 2019.

Founded by two of the original team members of Core Scientific, a global leader in bitcoin mining facilities and artificial intelligence-hosting capabilities, Blockcap mines at an industrial scale at facilities in Kentucky and Georgia. Low-cost energy sources and best-in-class technology give Blockcap an important advantage over others in the bitcoin mining industry. With the newest members of its Advisory Board in place, Blockcap is even more primed for expansion.

About Blockcap
Blockcap, Inc. (the “Company” or “Blockcap”) headquartered in Dallas, Texas, was founded by blockchain industry veterans that have been in the space for nearly a decade. The Blockcap mining division operates one of the world's largest bitcoin mining operations, accounting for nearly 1 percent of all the Bitcoin network transactions. In addition to mining operations, the company operates two other divisions - digital treasury assets and venture investments. Blockcap's mining fleet currently utilizes Core Scientific's best-in-class co-location mining facilities based in the United States.

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