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LexisNexis names nChain as one of the world's most dynamic innovators

nChain, global leader in blockchain technology, is proud to announce its inclusion in the second annual "Innovation Momentum: The Global Top 100" report by LexisNexis®.

The Top 100 recognizes companies advancing innovative solutions to today's challenges and laying the intellectual property foundations for further breakthroughs. The report also highlights how the world's most dynamic and innovative companies worldwide are making a difference to technological progress.

Christen Ager-Hanssen, CEO nChain Group, said: "At nChain, we are both delighted and proud to be part of this select group of innovative companies for second year running. Innovation is at the core of our company mission to transform the world from Web2 to Web3, and our patents are the foundations for many companies to seamlessly make this transition. Joining this Top 100 is testament to the impact that our patents are making on many businesses that have chosen to adopt our technology for its scalability, speed, and efficiency."

The Innovation Momentum report follows the Patent Asset Index, an industry-trusted, scientifically developed index created to assess patents based on size and individual quality of all patent families belonging to a patent portfolio. The Innovation Momentum was developed to provide an unbiased framework to identify innovators who outperformed their peers over the period of the previous two years based on the "Technology Relevance" and "Market Coverage" of their patent portfolios.

Owen Vaughan, Director of Research, nChain said: "It is the mission of the nChain R&D team to create the knowledge and tools to build Web3. Our IP covers blockchain infrastructure and applications, cryptography, network analytics, and emerging technologies such as IPv6 and zero-knowledge proofs. We aim to make this knowledge accessible through academic papers, conferences, blogs, and interviews. Having our extensive work in this field recognised by Lexis Nexis drives us to strive for new ideas and inventions that will eventually have a positive impact for many businesses and organisations."

To learn more about the Top 100, download the "Innovation Momentum 2023: Global Top 100" intellectual property report, visit

About nChain
Founded in 2015 and with offices in London (UK), Zug (Switzerland), Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenia), Stockholm (Sweden), and Manila (Philippines), we are the DNA of Blockchain. nChain unleashes the potential of blockchain technology through ongoing research and development of inventions, including the maintenance of a robust patent portfolio, and by offering software, IP licensing, and consulting services across several industries, including iGaming, supply chain, and finance. nChain also offers solutions in the digital payment space, along with professional services that assist enterprises of all types to benefit from blockchain technology. nChain currently has almost 2,800 registered patent applications of which approximately 500 have been granted and is the developer behind the Bitcoin SV Node software, Teranode, LiteClient, Kensei and more.


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