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La BaFin, le superviseur allemand, intéressé par les FinTech.

En effet, Felix Hufeld, son président, lors d’un entretien datant du 30/12 dernier, présente la restructuration de l’institution début 2016 et y fait une référence appuyée.

"There are many, many changes, in fact – too many to list them all in this interview! But I would like to briefly mention one new aspect which is particularly important to me: there will be a section for strategic development reporting directly to the President. This is intended to improve our ability to pick up on current issues promptly, respond to them and to provide fresh impetus – to set the agenda, you might say. I am really looking forward to this work. However, I would like to emphasise that it will just be about developing strategies which will then always be transferred to areas of standard responsibility within BaFin.

"To give an example of this, one of the first issues which we will be addressing is fintech firms, which are mostly IT start-ups which are currently shaking up the financial sector. We need to agree on how we want to deal with this innovative market and find appropriate answers for the complex questions affecting this industry. Incidentally, fintech firms can affect all areas of the financial industry, so they are another clear case in which a strategic approach covering the whole of BaFin is necessary."

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Lundi 11 Janvier 2016