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Kirobo Unveils the Token Economy Powering its DeFi Services Ecosystem

Holders of KIRO, Kirobo’s native token, will get a plethora of perks and benefits in its Liquid Vault and Safe Transfer apps.

Kirobo (, a decentralized application developer creating a safer infrastructure for Web3, unveils the tokenomics model powering its ecosystem of blockchain services. The model outlines the perks and benefits that holders of KIRO, Kirobo’s native token, will enjoy in its apps, designed to make DeFi as user-friendly as regular online banking.

Kirobo’s services rely on the company’s own conditional transaction technology, which allows users to create transactions that will only be executed in a specific scenario. The conditions can include a specific time and date, a target token price, and the presence of a specific NFT in the target wallet. This technology powers the plethora of use cases provided through the Liquid Vault (, a non-custodial on-chain wallet with DeFi access and NFT support. One example is the Liquid Vault's backup function, which transfers ownership of a vault to a backup wallet, designated by the user, when access to the primary wallet is lost.

The KIRO token, launched in November 2020 and capped at 2.2 billion maximum supply, works as the financial engine of Kirobo’s ecosystem. Smart contracts lack the ability to check the conditions on their own, so activators are required to do so. Activators execute the pseudonymous transactions under specific terms. KIRO is used to pay for services, to activate them, and to reward community members who trigger the conditional transactions on others’ behalf.

KIRO holders will also receive access to Safe Transfer ( - a platform that enables users to send assets to another wallet through a password-protected transfer with an 'Undo' button. Benefits follow a tiered system to cover the needs of both retail and institutional users:

- Users holding 0 KIRO in their wallet or Liquid Vault can do up to two Safe Transfers per month and access up to five of the latest transactions on their record.
- Users holding at least 3,500 KIRO can do up to 10 Safe Transfers per month, use Kirobo’s password generator, and access up to 20 transactions on their history.
- Users holding at least 6,500 KIRO can do up to 25 transfers per month, use the password generator, look up the last 80 transactions on their record, and get their own Address Book.
- Users holding at least 10,000 KIRO get up to 40 transfers, with a higher cap possible on a case-by-case basis. They can check up to 160 transactions on their history, use the password generator and address book, and export their transaction record as a .csv spreadsheet.

“Web3 must be decentralized and community-driven, which requires a healthy incentivization mechanism,” says Asaf Naim, CEO of Kirobo. “KIRO, our native token, brings just that to our own ecosystem, powering apps that make crypto and DeFi safer and more user-friendly. Crypto is the future and we want to help beginners take the first steps in getting there.”

About Kirobo
Kirobo is a decentralized application developer building out a suite of services focused on Web3 security and usability. With investments from Digimax and Solana BRZ, Kirobo works to make decentralized finance as accessible and user-friendly as regular online banking. Kirobo is the proud recipient of two grants from the Israeli Innovation Authority—the only blockchain technology company to achieve this.
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Mardi 5 Avril 2022