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Introducing Fully-Decentralized NFT Smart Contracts for Tezos

At, we are excited to introduce fully-decentralized NFT smart contracts for Tezos in collaboration with Ubisoft, one of the most innovative players in the video game industry.

Since December 2021, we have been facilitating various blockchain-powered initiatives by Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab. One of the pillars of these initiatives is player empowerment. Thus, Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab leveraged to grant players more control over their assets. We consider this a significant breakaway from gaming industry norms that aren’t altogether in the gamers’ favor.

This first stage of collaboration with Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab led us to develop dynamic and playable NFTs for AAA games and decentralized storage solutions for Ubisoft Quartz, the blockchain-powered distribution platform for its “Digits” NFTs.

These innovations driven by Ubisoft and developed on the Tezos blockchain are very interesting for other video game players and more generally for any project needing to store or generate dynamic metadata perennially on a decentralized network. This is why we have continued collaborating with Ubisoft to make these solutions available to a wider community: the Tezos community.

Tezos is an open-source blockchain that is secure thanks to its on-chain governance and energy-efficient due to its Proof-of-Stake based consensus mechanism. With an active and committed community, this scalable blockchain equipped with a modular architecture has been upgraded eleven times to date, reducing transaction costs and increasing speed for its users.

So, we now enable the wider Tezos community to harness the power of our novel, fully-decentralized, and dynamic NFT smart contracts. This will catalyze the global NFT market’s expected CAGR of 23.9%, helping it reach $19.57 billion by 2028.

Additionally, it’ll bring several immediate benefits for developers and users on Tezos.

What Sets NFT Smart Contracts Apart?

The NFTs deployed on Tezos using will remain online forever, even if is no more. This is possible thanks to our pioneering decentralized IPFS pinning service.

The protocol pins all NFT metadata to IPFS as many times as necessary to ensure availability on our distributed computing network. And since reputed third-party entities, including Ubisoft, are incentivized to own these nodes, the NFTs stay online even if the network faces partial downtime.

Our smart contract also embeds the ALEPH tokens necessary to host NFTs on the network by default. This novel feature is an additional step toward ensuring permanent and decentralized storage for NFTs.

However, NFTs are not static, despite their permanence. Using our open-source and decentralized indexing services, you can build dynamic NFTs with real-time metadata synchronization.

Besides IPFS pinning and decentralized indexing for dynamic metadata, NFT smart contracts can effectively send any kind of Aleph messages directly from the application’s end. For example, sending a “PROGRAM” message could spin up a Virtual Machine (VM) on the network. This boosts interoperability, so that your Tezos-based NFT application has most features necessary for a seamless and rich user experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Using NFT Smart Contracts?

According to Didier Genevois, Ubisoft’s Blockchain Technical Director, provides the framework necessary for offering “meaningful value propositions for players that benefit their gaming experience.” As for Hadrien Zerah, President of Nomadic Labs, the introduction of this novel feature is a major step for Tezos: “It provides the ecosystem with more leverage and opens the door to new possibilities beyond simple use in the gaming industry.”

Besides boosting your general competitive edge, using NFT smart contracts ensures the following advantages:

- Get a genuinely decentralized backend. Our smart contracts provide you with access to a fully-decentralized storage network for your NFTs. This sets you apart from most existing NFT projects that still use centralized servers and cloud services like AWS to store NFT metadata.

- Enjoy cost-effective data storage. Our protocol embeds ALEPH tokens into the smart contract to meet their storage costs. You no longer need to pay a fortune to store your NFT’s data. Moreover, the tokens aren’t spent in the process and can be redeemed by burning NFTs. So you practically store NFTs on the network free of cost.

- Build unstoppable NFTs. Our IPFS pinning service and fully-decentralized network architecture make your NFTs unstoppable. Their tamper-proof and censorship-resistant nature solves persistent problems like de-platforming, metadata manipulation, rug pull, downtime, etc.

- Foster community support and trust. Our framework will help you garner trust within the Tezos community. NFT owners can rest assured that their possession and ownership are intact even if the project goes bust. This puts individuals in complete control of their NFT assets, helping them realize the full potential of Web3.

How Can You Use NFT Smart Contracts?

Our NFT smart contracts have a lot more than just industry-standard features and functionalities. So you have endless possibilities while using smart contracts for your Tezos-based NFTs.

Be it a gamified metaverse project or an NFT-collateralized lending protocol; you can use our smart contracts to unlock the full potential of asset tokenization. That too in a cost-effective and secure manner. The following are some examples of what’s possible with’s NFT smart contracts:

- PFPs and Avatars: Build engaging PFP NFTs that can be utilized as avatars across metaverses and digital platforms.
- Collectibles and Luxury Items: Tokenize valuables, mementos, in-game items, and other collectibles to engage your project’s community. You can also create, store, and sell luxury items as NFTs.
- Tokenized Financial Instruments: Develop financially inclusive solutions by offering loans, equities, insurances, and much more as NFTs.
- Fractional Real Estate: Make real estate more accessible and affordable for retail investors by enabling NFT-represented fractional ownership.
- Loyalty Programs and Rewards: Offer meaningful rewards and exclusive benefits to incentivize consumer loyalty and long-term engagement.

So if you are on Tezos, join us in redefining asset ownership with futuristic NFTs. And together, let’s build the decentralized, user-friendly, and individual-centric world of Web3.

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