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Interview | European Expansion for Bitget

Interview with Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget.

Bitget is significantly increasing its workforce in Europe. You previously mentioned that Europe is a key region for Bitget's growth. Why is Europe so valuable to the company's global expansion plan?

Bitget has a strong and constantly growing community in Europe. We’re attentive to our users and a local presence is essential in order to best meet their needs. We intend to become the go-to platform for European cryptocurrency users - particularly those new to cryptocurrency trading and looking to avail of social trading. There are many across Europe who are crypto-curious but haven’t quite jumped in yet. We want to reach these users by making trading easy, accessible, and secure.

Do you think Europe is ready to overcome the crypto winter and welcome new opportunities in the market?

Like any other market, the cryptocurrency market goes through periods of growth and decline. After a tough 2022, Bitcoin has risen 25 per cent in the past month. The adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy, and it will take time for businesses and governments alike to fully realize its benefits. The ecosystem in Europe is evolving rapidly and we strongly believe in a bright future for crypto in Europe. After a difficult year worldwide, we are optimistic that in 2023, the European landscape will continue to flourish and foster opportunities, particularly for secure crypto exchanges like Bitget.

What are your thoughts on the French crypto market in 2023? Why is Bitget particularly interested in expanding to France?

France is a major cryptocurrency hub and a central meeting point for developments in the European crypto scene. In terms of events, use cases, and applications, France is at the forefront of these conversations, always adopting an innovative approach. Bitget has a growing number of customers based in Europe and aims to be the leading crypto exchange platform across the region.

What makes Bitget stand out from other exchange platforms operating in Europe and France?

First, Bitget is aware of the uncertainty amongst users brought about by recent turmoil in the sector and market volatility. As such, we prioritize transparency and establishing confidence in our users, as evidenced by the establishment of a dedicated $300 million protection fund for customers and our commitment to showing proof of reserves.

Additionally, Bitget has an unrivaled focus on copy trading and social trading. We offer a full suite of social trading features and products that make it easy for novices to interact, observe and copy the strategies of more experienced traders while rewarding this group with healthy commission profits. As of December 2022, our flagship product, One-Click Copy Trade has attracted more than 80,000 copy traders to Bitget and we’re excited to grow this number further as we ramp up our growth plans in Europe.

Can you tell us more about the new features offered by Bitget, the SEPA network, and One-Click Copy Trade and how users will benefit from these novelties?

Bitget was the first exchange to launch One-Click Copy Trade and it is our hallmark product. It simplifies trading for beginners by allowing them to copy sophisticated trading strategies with minimum effort. Initially available on the futures market, we recently extended this feature also on the spot market.

Bitget also recently launched the SEPA function for its clients in the Euro-zone. The great news regarding the SEPA feature is that users can deposit fiat currencies EUR/GBP, and enjoy zero fees. Very few international exchanges are offering both deposit methods of SEPA and FasterPayments as we do, which marks the start of Bitget’s fiat currency business in Europe and shows our commitment to being a secure and stable bridge between traditional and digital finance. From now on, users across Europe will be able to deposit and withdraw currencies from their traditional bank accounts free of charge.

Mercredi 8 Février 2023