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Interview | David Pedrini, CEO/Founder of Flashloans

Q&A with David Pedrini, CEO/Founder of Flashloans.

Give us an overview of your background?

My background is based in Computer Science and Software Programming. The potential for systems to connect and empower people in ways that weren’t possible before is what initially drew me to this discipline. Prior to setting up Digital Asset Group I worked with Cudo Ventures, where I helped build some of the world’s leading monetization applications creating ethically innovative technology for communities that have traditionally been ignored by mainstream Financial Services. In 2018 I decided to establish Digital Asset Group, a consultancy that specializes in the development of engaging Dapps and DeFi projects built by a team of skilled blockchain and smart contract developers.

When did you fall down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole?

I first came across Bitcoin in 2015 and mined my first bitcoins later that year. I was immediately drawn to how value could be transferred in a matter of minutes and not days free from centralized third parties. I realized then that this technology had enormous potential to enfranchise people left behind by traditional financial networks and I wanted to play a role in establishing it in our future.

What do you think are the most exciting trends in the industry that people should look out for?

I think mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could become a reality sooner than most people think, however for this to happen the user experience will need to improve. Those platforms and protocols that provide services that enable people to engage without needing comprehensive technical training and programming knowledge are likely to prosper in the next decade.

What are the main challenges to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies?

I think education of the masses and policymaking elites needs to be a priority for this industry. Some of the comments mainstream politicians have made about cryptocurrencies reflect how little they know about this technology and its potential. Better regulation, transparency and security will be fundamental in gaining people’s trust to ensure that blockchain technology fulfills its potential.

How do you thinking the gaming industry is going to adapt to NFTs and blockchain in general?

The gaming experience is becoming more interactive and collaborative, people gather around to see star gamers, while designers create NFTs/collectables that can be traded online using blockchain technology. People will be able to leave their imprint and creative mark when gaming online and the experience won’t be directed from the top-down, instead people will engage, create and build to reflect their interests and identity.

Do you think businesses will adopt cryptocurrencies in the near future or will it remain a specialist tech field for the foreseeable future?

People often reference internet adoption and the explosion of uptake following the creation of http in the mid-90’s as an example of how cryptocurrencies could quite easily enter the mainstream in a short period of time. I think for cryptocurrency adoption to replicate this level of growth we will need to create a similar interoperable user layer that anyone feels comfortable using as they would with http or SWIFT. Putting the user first will ultimately decide whether cryptocurrencies enter the mainstream.

David has been in the blockchain industry since 2015 and has built an existing portfolio of live and upcoming Dapps in the ecosystem, was founded with the purpose of making flash loans accessible to all crypto users and not just developers. You can visit the existing projects build by David on the following links:,,

Lundi 20 Juin 2022

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