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Innovative DeFi Platform Launches YEFI token on PancakeSwap

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Avertissement : Le texte ci-dessous est un communiqué de presse qui n'a pas été rédigé par is a brand-new DeFi project launching its liquidity mining protocol this Friday, June 18th. After the launch, users can access platform through different crypto wallets and trade YEFI tokens freely on PancakeSwap. is an open-source DeFi protocol that allows users to deposit crypto assets into liquidity pools and earn interest against them. stands out among other projects with its unique value proposition, delivering real ways to utilize your crypto capital. combines the two hot tickets in the blockchain and crypto world – Decentralized data storage and Decentralized Finance. This project exploits decentralized finance to allow users to maximize returns on their crypto capital while supporting their long-term interest in decentralized data storage projects. With attractive interest rates, users will be incentivized to hold coins like Filecoin, YottaChain, Chia, Swarm, Dfinity, etc. in the liquidity pools of the protocol. This DeFi model promotes the development of decentralized data storage ecosystems and supports the long-term value growth of related assets. As of today, BTC, ETH, USDT, FIL and YTA are supported with the target of integrating the assets of other decentralized data storage projects in the future.

Right from the start, was set up as a community-based platform. As the community grows, allows users to increase their liquidity mining power ("quantum power") without having to deposit any additional assets.

The total value locked (TVL) into platform is currently more than $40 million and the actual user number has reached 12,000 people. Its native token YEFI has shown a 7-fold value increase within only a month since the protocol went public.

The next step on's road map is to expand the portfolio of compatible cryptocurrencies, deploy cross-chain bridges, and add other DeFi functions such as NFTs, lending and borrowing. has passed a formal security audit and is now ready to offer a fantastic DeFi experience to a wider audience of users. An attractive incentive program, hack-proof smart contracts, and a growing community of users are the perfect ingredients for to become one of the market-leading platforms in the near future.


Vendredi 18 Juin 2021

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