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How to Use Near Protocol Explorer and What Benefits It Provides?

What is Near Protocol Explorer and How Does it Work: Highlights.

• Near Protocol explorer is an explorer interface (‘blockchain browser’) designed to visualize everything that happens in blockchain;
• Namely, Near Protocol blockchain explorer displays the transactions, account balances, blocks, validator statistics, and so on;
• Near Protocol explorer is a 100% no-code tool: it allows to check out the on-chain events without using command line;
• Users can recover the data about what happens on-chain knowing only tiny fraction of information; for instance, with transaction hash only, a visitor can recover the data about the sender and recipient of the transaction, its amount, status, even the number of block it was included into;
• Near Protocol relies on blockchain itself with no intermediary so that average blockchain enthusiasts don’t have to.

As such, Near Protocol explorer is of paramount importance for smart contracts development and secure blockchain usage as a whole.

How to Use Near Protocol Explorer

Here is the simplest Near explorer tutorial designed to explain the basics of its utilization for the most trending tasks. First of all, you need to know which information you’re looking for. For ordinary users, the following types of on-chain information are most important:
• Near Protocol transaction status;
• Near Protocol’s address token balance;
• Near Protocol address details;
• NEAR gas price;
• Near Protocol staking details;
• NEAR Price, market cap, dominance, and so on.

In order to retrieve the data from the blockchain, we need to input the information we have into the ‘Search’ field. To start with, let’s check out the details of the transaction with hash 4YXjsCJSveftqhdvqbZ4KBVyhqP2LPpaAxF3nFCG9E7t.

Once we input this hash in a search field, we can see that this transaction took place on Jan.24, 2023 within Sweatcoin Move-to-Earn application. It was successfully included into the block 83,681,543. Validators charged this transaction with 0.0017 NEAR in gas fees.

Then, let’s check the balance of 2eba5a4e7fcf7aece0d584328ec46dee4433c1fba1cf607c43d17265ef261102 account. To do so we need to input this address into a ‘Search’ field. By clicking ‘Search’, we would see that this address holds over $0,11 in NEAR. The account in question was created on January 15, 2023.

Inside the Benefits of Working with Near Protocol Explorer

To understand the advantages of using Near Protocol explorer, let’s indicate the top categories of its customers. First of all, this service is leveraged by crypto enthusiasts who transact NEAR and related tokens. With the explorer, they can prevent their counterpart from cheating, check the validity of address, get the confirmation (‘receipt’) of transaction status, and so on.

Then, the explorer is of great importance for active DeFi users: traders, ‘yield farmers’ as well as for NFT collectors and commissioners. Clients of Near-based DeFis can track liquidity pools status, gas price dynamics: active crypto economics participants use explorers to make informed decisions about their trading strategy.

For the NFT segment, explorers are used to check the validity and authenticity of this or that digital collectibles before the deal is scored. As such, the basic set of Near Explorer benefits includes transparency, user-friendliness, multi-purpose approach and flexibility.

What are the Best Practices When Using Near Protocol Explorer?

With our tips for using Near Protocol explorer, your experience in crypto will be safe and productive. In general to get maximum off your explorer, follow these guidelines:
1. Choose the fastest Near Protocol explorer. Only up-to-date data is useful for trading, exchanging crypto and browsing DeFi.
2. The best explorers advocate a ‘one-for-all’ approach. As such, choosing the platform with the maximum range of utilities is a smart bet.
3. Beware of scammers: always double-check for the URL of your explorer and avoid sharing your personal data and seed phrases with explorers’ teams.

Closing thoughts

Near Protocol explorers should be referred to as a class of online software services designed for analytical, research, and transparency purposes. With explorers, users can retrieve the full data about on-chain events knowing only part of it.

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