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How the payments industry is being disrupted

While we expect the payments industry to keep growing at a healthy rate, powerful disruptive forces will begin to reshape the global landscape.

Global payments revenues have been growing at rates in excess of expectations. Once again, Asia—and China in particular—is the primary engine propelling the global numbers, but all regions, even those where revenues have recently been in decline, are contributing to the surge. Payments growth is currently a truly global phenomenon.

Looking ahead, however, we expect global payments revenues will begin to reflect the flip side of Asia’s prominence as a growth driver. The expected macroeconomic slowdown in Asia–Pacific, in other words, is dampening expectations for payments growth overall. However, the turnaround in other markets will make up for some of this decline. We forecast that this rebalancing between emerging and developed markets will lead to tempered but still healthy revenue growth of 6 percent annually through 2019...

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