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H2U Raises US$8M to Power New Health Ecosystem

Health to U (“H2U”) Corporation, an industry-leader in connected healthcare technology and provider of digital health and wellbeing platforms, is ringing in the New Year by announcing the close of a US$8 million round of funding, led by SHARP and Foxconn Technology.

Aiming at strengthening H2U’s partnerships with digital healthcare brands, to create a subscription-based workplace health ecosystem, the funding round attracted strategic investment from ADATA Technology, TOPCO Scientific,, WeLeader Bio, Flight International, and Wondercise.

Focusing on holistic health, sports, and diets, H2U’s Digital Health Platform analyzes first-party data and is currently being used by companies to design tailored workplace benefits for employees, including health management, sports scheduling, health promotional events in the workplace, group exercise classes, fresh food, and sports science consultations.

In addition to support from strategic partners, H2U boasts the resources and networks brought by a team of prominent advisors, who offer valuable guidance in the development of precision medicine, biomedicine, and blockchain applications.

H2U is working on expanding its offering to the international market. In 2022, the company plans to bring in international strategic investors from Japan and Silicon Valley to assist its growth into a digital health unicorn. The objective is to launch an overseas IPO in two years.

Saxon Chen, H2U CEO, commented: “Through the platform, users will be able to obtain data from ongoing check-ups and receive personalized health advice and information. The vast uncertainty and unpredictableness brought on by the pandemic have resulted in restrictions and health risks to all of our lives.

The H2U Digital Health platform is a breakthrough creation, a framework that maximizes the power of data. The service delivers insightful reviews based on the platform’s analyses of data collected from connected products and services, elevating the overall value of each component. Users are able to get their hands on their records anytime at will, allowing them to stay aware and on top of their physiological states, with access to personalized health solutions and products. We believe that by joining forces, the H2U Digital Health ecosystem is no doubt the most fitting choice for strategic partners and users alike. H2U and partners are teaming up and will strive to provide the best solutions for the betterment of humankind.


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Lundi 17 Janvier 2022