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GameFi: Why VCs are Driving Funds into Blockchain Gaming

A slew of funding is entering the play-to-earn NFT gaming sector of late.

Two major funds have just announced additional raises of $75 million (BITKRAFT Ventures) and $325 (Galaxy Interactive) to fund next-gen NFT games. Gigi Levy Weiss has created a new $450 million NFX fund with a heavy focus on play-to-earn. To top it off, blockchain game publisher Immutable, known for the successful God’s Unchained franchise, recently locked down $82 million for its in-house published NFT games.

Immutable has already released Gods Unchained, Ethereum’s highest-grossing trading game, and is about to launch Guild of Guardians, an NFT roleplaying game backed by Ubisoft.

Guild of Guardians recently managed to pull in $60 million in just 30 minutes via its NFT Founder’s Sale, which featured a collection of soon-to-be-playable in-game NFTs, ranging from $10 to $100,000 in value.

Momentum is building fast with many of these Guild of Guardian NFTs now trading for more than 20x the original price on the secondary market — boasting a current trading volume of $5 million across 11,000 trades.

Guild of Guardians is poised to become the top contender in the NFT gaming space and is hugely anticipated with a waitlist of 150,000.

The blockchain-based gaming industry is ripe for venture funding. New use cases such as play-to earn enable users to earn meaningful income through gameplay and users can claim ownership to in-game items via NFTs. These features are set to revolutionize the online gaming landscape and engender new revenue streams for players and investors alike.

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Jeudi 28 Octobre 2021