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Fokker Treasury Takes Off With IT2

Fokker Technologies implements best practice treasury management solution across Group

IT2 Treasury Solutions today announces that Fokker Technologies has signed a contract to secure the IT2 Treasury Management Solution (TMS). The news is significant, as the solution will provide Fokker with enhanced financial infrastructure to accommodate growth across the five companies of the Group.

“IT2 equips Fokker Technologies to navigate strong growth, complex, often big, exposures and a diverse counterparty system with significantly increased confidence,” explains Jeroen Beljaars, Director of Treasury, Tax & Corporate Finance, Fokker Technologies. “The Group is securing a highly automated treasury that embodies best practice as recognised by both treasurers and auditors. Improved processes, visibility and risk management will yield definite financial advantages.”

The IT2 TMS will develop the Group’s ability to operate an in house banking function, empowering it to make best use of available bank relationships and funding. A comprehensive risk management and hedging programme will furthermore be supported, providing the means for the Group to identify and manage sources of risk and counterparty exposures. Also of note is a sophisticated ground up cash forecasting capability, enabling the application of statistical modelling and hedging to cash and liquidity planning. Web based remote reporting will be available to Fokker Group businesses via IT2 NET, providing for more timely, streamlined reporting to Group treasury.

“Fokker Technologies is securing a comprehensive solution for a mature treasury in a complex and challenging commercial environment” concludes Andrew Burns, Head of Sales, IT2 Treasury Solutions. “The combination of capabilities that the group has secured is impressive and give the group a highly robust financial and operational framework.”

About Fokker Technologies (
Fokker Technologies is the group name for five specialized Fokker Business Units: Fokker Aerostructures, Fokker Aircraft Services, Fokker Elmo, Fokker Landing Gear and Fokker Services. Fokker Technologies develops and produces advanced structures and electrical systems for the aviation and aerospace industry, and supplies integrated services and products to aircraft owners and operators. The group achieved a turnover of € 616 million in 2010 with 3,700 employees.

About IT2 Treasury Solutions Ltd. (
IT2 Treasury Solutions is a leading provider of treasury management software to corporate treasuries and financial institutions. The IT2 TMS is a fully integrated best practice solution that supports treasury in its entirety, fulfilling cash, debt and investment, financial risk, treasury accounting and hedge accounting requirements. Founded in 1982, the company is located in New York, London and Hong Kong and serves more than 285 customers worldwide, including Bank of China International, Cable & Wireless Communications, Etihad Airways, Lloyds Banking Group, Insurance and Styron LLC.

Jeudi 2 Février 2012