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FinTech and Online Casinos: More Payment Solutions

When you take two sectors that are growing at rapid pace, the possibility that they cross paths is usually great.

That, of course, has already happened between FinTech and Online Casinos, as one offers methods of payment, while the other requires it. Let us take a look at the most important players, regarding payments on online casinos, today, as well as the growth of the latter.

Online Casinos: On Top of their Game
Yes, it is definitely fair to say that online casinos are well in control of their growth, and that they have been, for close to a decade now. We are certainly far from their initial step, when the internet was as fresh as a baby, and when people had no idea where the casino they were playing on, was located at, but also, if they had a fair chance to win. Not to mention the visual qualities that today’s online casino games have acquired, from poker to slot machines, including the all-time favourite of many: the roulette.

But two of the elements that has guaranteed their growth, are the online security that they offer to their clients and the large variety of methods of payment. These are what made a lot of physical casino players decide to switch to their virtual version. Naturally, it also makes it that much easier to play whenever you feel like it. But that certainly isn’t the quality that online casinos are insisting upon. In fact, they have become well conscious of the danger of individuals losing control over their gambling, and they are monitoring players’ experience, in order to protect them.

The Payment Methods on Online Casinos
Before we mention some of the most important FinTech players in the online casino industry, in regards to payments, let’s mention that online casinos often offer the largest variety of methods from any online business. In fact, they can certainly be considered as in advance, over other sectors of the industry, having enabled the use of cryptocurrencies (for some online casinos), before everybody else.

Paypal is still the number one FinTech, as it started a long time before anyone else really got into the game. It is almost impossible not to find their service, on any online casino, when it comes to payment methods. The question that exists, for this company now, is: Can they survive the arrival of so many innovators in the field?

Certainly the largest growing method of payment, also closely associated to the gaming industry. It can be found on many online casinos, and it is praised for its ease and rapidity of use, as an e-wallet. It should continue to grow in this industry, as well as others, enough to make Paypal worry.

As we said before, in this article, the new FinTech companies, in the world of methods of payment, are getting noticed for their capacity to innovate. This is certainly true of Payforit, which has created the idea of paying your online casino bill, as part of your next telephone bill. Whether that will create continuous interest, remains to be seen.


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Samedi 30 Juillet 2022