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Evmos Enables Cross-Chain Applications Spanning Ethereum and Cosmos Ecosystems with Mainnet Launch

Developers can now easily deploy smart contracts across both ecosystems through the Evmos gateway.

Evmos, the port-of-entry from Ethereum to Cosmos, today announces its Mainnet Launch. Evmos, built using the Cosmos SDK, serves as the primary IBC-compatible, EVM-based chain that brings composability, interoperability, and fast finality to cross-chain contracts. With its mainnet launch, developers will be able to easily build cross-chain applications (xApps) and create deep integrations between Ethereum and Cosmos.

This landmark update will make interchain transactions possible across the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems, unlocking value and creating a massive opportunity for new and existing projects. Ethereum-based developers can continue writing smart contracts in Solidity and Vyper and have them work across any IBC-compatible blockchains. And through integrations with Nomad and Connext, Evmos incorporates low-cost and trust-minimized interoperability between Ethereum apps in order to maximize the possibilities for developers connecting Ethereum to the Cosmoverse. Interoperability is a core developing theme of Web3 and Evmos’ Mainnet launch is rapidly accelerating that vision.

“This is a huge leap forward for both the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems,” said Federico Kunze Küllmer, Co-Founder of Evmos. “Interoperability between chains is the next frontier of value creation and we are excited to give Ethereum developers a frictionless way to build cross-chain applications.”

Already a variety of decentralized applications are gearing up to launch on Evmos. Diffusion Finance is the first DEX that will be deployed, Midas Capital will enable cross-chain permissionless lending, and NovaDAO will bring its treasury-backed launchpad to the platform. Evmos’ flexibility allows for a wide variety of blockchain applications to run across chains, and more than a dozen projects slated to launch in the next few weeks will include more DeFi dApps, NFT marketplaces, and more.

Just as TCP/IP gave Web2 developers a simple means for passing information across virtually any websites, Evmos enables Web3 developers to create smart contracts that seamlessly work across disparate blockchains. This paves the way for the next generation of blockchain development - cross-chain applications, or xApps, that run across multiple chains. With Evmos in place, the Internet of Blockchains enters a new and exciting stage of growth.

About Evmos
Evmos is the one of the first Ethereum Virtual Machine-based blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem and enables developers to launch apps that run smart contracts across any number of EVM and Cosmos-based blockchains. It makes that process as simple and seamless as possible by allowing developers to continue creating apps in Solidity and Vyper like they’re accustomed to in the Ethereum ecosystem. Evmos opens a new frontier for blockchain applications, expanding the functionality of the EVM by enabling cross-chain applications that tap the liquidity and user bases of multiple blockchain ecosystems to provide more unified experiences.


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Mardi 1 Mars 2022