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Equa Raises $2.3 Million in a Private Investment Round to Develop Immutable Governance Platform for High Growth Organizations with Complex Investor Landscapes

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Equa Leverages Its Own Secure, Compliant Platform for Seamless, Compliant Fundraising, Sees Rapid Adoption with Over 100 Organizations Using Equa for Cap Table Management

Equa investors benefit from an easy-to-use, compliant, and secure platform that facilitates seamless anti-money laundering and accreditation, through integration with Coinbase-backed TokenSoft, and instant visibility and access to distributed equity.

Equa announces that it raised $2.3 million in a private investment round, which included contributions from enterprise blockchain technology provider Horizen Labs, to support its mission of providing company founders and investors a frictionless, single-source solution for governance and equity management. Equa is the leading immutable platform that scales from formation, to cap table management, to investor relations for frictionless transaction management across the organization.

“Startups need to move quickly but are often stymied by the enormous burden of sharing and collating agreements, particularly those related to formation and equity or token distribution to much needed investors. Add to that the need to keep up with taxes, accounting, and regulations and many ventures slow down just when they need to sprint,” said Equa CEO, Shawn Owen. “Equa will help solve these problems, which is why we used it for our own fundraising efforts and we are seeing such quick adoption in our user base.”

Equa already has over 357 client organizations using their governance platform for a growing base of over 2200 users, including company executives, employees, and investors/shareholders. Some of these early clients have joined Equa’s Customer Advisory Board, notably CoPeace CEO, Craig Jonas, PhD, Anthem Holdings CEO, Anthem Blanchard, and AIKON CEO, Marc Blinder who are all using Equa’s Cap Table Management solution within their own organizations.

“Equa’s vision for corporate governance is transformative. We are looking forward to helping shape this journey with them as they innovate the process and technology around company formation, equity and token distribution, and investor relations. This is a long awaited, integrated solution,” said Blanchard.

Additionally, Equa is using its own solution for document signing and Cap Table Management during this initial raise. Equa investors benefit from an easy-to-use, compliant, and secure platform that facilitates seamless anti-money laundering and accreditation, through integration with Coinbase-backed TokenSoft, and instant visibility and access to distributed equity. Equa’s growing team, many equity holders themselves, also benefits from these innovative cap table management solutions.

“I’ve held shares in many companies in the past. These were always in theory available to me using one of our competitor’s cap table management solutions. But I found I couldn’t access or move shares easily. In addition, every time a company would restructure, my shares and information about them would be out-of-date,” observed Stephanie Vaughan, VP of Corporate Development. “Given how quickly high-growth companies take on new investment, particularly in the startup and blockchain world, this makes investor relations and employee incentivization difficult and opaque. We’re solving that.”

Vaughan, an experienced operations and finance professional with deep experience in blockchain, crowdfunding, venture capital, and investment banking, joined Equa in late 2020 to help align new company formation and management solutions to client needs. She is joined by VP of Business Development Sten Wie, PhD, Chief Compliance Officer Josef Schailble, who brings over 20 years experience in FinTech and entrepreneurship, and Chief Technology Officer Bryan Cupps, who has over 25 years of experience designing and delivering cost-effective, high performance software and hardware technology solutions.

About Equa
Equa is the leading immutable governance platform that scales with your organization from formation to day-to-day governance, facilitating dynamic document and cap table management, easy equity distribution, investment, issuance, and more. Designed for founders, executives, and shareholders at high growth startup and blockchain companies regardless of corporate structure or legal status, Equa integrates across solutions and digital equities or currencies for seamless management across organizational transactions and agreements. Unlike traditional point-solutions for formation management and administration, Equa’s comprehensive governance solutions are designed for tomorrow’s executives and owners who demand transactional speed and ease-of-access without sacrificing document and agreement security and integrity.

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