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Enterprise Blockchain Protocols Evolution Index 2021

Enterprise blockchain jumps 40% in 2020, with 90% of all activities coming from 3 clear leaders: Corda, Ethereum-based protocols and Hyperledger Fabric.

The Enterprise Blockchain Protocols Evolution Index 2021 provides a wealth of insightful data into the health of the enterprise blockchain market. This year the report introduces a scoring system, the Chainstack Protocol Vitality Index (CPVI).

Chainstack, a leading managed blockchain services provider, has published for the second year in a row a comprehensive report on the state and evolution of the global developer activity of enterprise blockchains, tracking their activity over the past 4 years.

The Enterprise Blockchain Protocols Evolution Index 2021 is a unique report empowering enterprises, governments, and developers to make more informed decisions when embarking on blockchain projects by providing an additional layer of insight into the technological maturity of each protocol and pace of adoption.

The report provides detailed qualitative and quantitative on publicly available developer data of the 6 most popular enterprise blockchain protocols being used today - Autonity, Baseline, Besu, Corda, Fabric, Quorum.

Key findings include:
1) The total developer activity has seen a steep 40% jump.
2) Fabric has jumped approx. 130%+ in developer popularity in 2020 (leveraging a major Fabric 2.0 release).
3) For 3 years in a row, with 27K+ code pushes, Corda remains the leader in actual code pushes.
4) Baseline as the newcomer in the enterprise blockchain space has attracted 600+ developers right from the start which is more than any other Ethereum-based protocol in this report and that has more time in the market.

Analyzing platform developer engagement provides direct signals not only the overall progress of the technology’s uptake but also the rate at which different platforms are evolving amidst rapid industry changes.

Developer activity reflects the number of resources dedicated to growing and evolving the codebase and the community developing each of these protocols. As an indication of a protocols’ performance and longevity, enterprises can use development data to evaluate the stability and maturity of these platforms and inform their strategy on blockchain implementations.

“We are back with the most anticipated report of the year on enterprise blockchain protocols.” said Laurent Dedenis, CEO at Chainstack.

“We are consistent in monitoring activity across enterprise blockchain protocols and will continue to update this index annually to track and release significant industry changes. This year we have introduced the Chainstack Protocol Vitality Index to evaluate the health of each protocol activity with meaningful results—showing where the industry is heading now. Based on CPVI, the focus of the developer ecosystem assembled by Corda and Hyperledger Fabric is the strongest.”

The full report can be accessed and downloaded at:

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