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DoubleDice Decentralizing and Democratizing Gaming Industry

DoubleDice develops decentralized gaming platform allowing multiple games in a no-house/no-casino setup - democratizing the gaming industry

• Decentralized pooled betting multiverse lets users play the games or open their own rooms in a gambler-only environment with no house or casino
• Users benefit from total privacy, increased fairness, and enhanced risk reward parameters

DoubleDice has developed a trailblazing decentralized gaming (DeGa) platform which will offer multiple games in a no-house/no-casino setup, allowing users and token-holders to open their own bets/rooms, invite their networks and followers and earn revenues from doing so. Punters never have to take on any risk of playing the house to earn.

Developed by an experienced team of coders, managers and founders that has already delivered ground-breaking innovations in the fintech space, DoubleDice aims to deliver a paradigm shift in the $250 billion a year gambling market with the first major innovation in decades.

Project is backed by well-known industry veterans such as Darkpool Liquidity, Skyvision Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Polygon, njoi and Zion Capital, it plans to launch for customers in Q4 2021, but people can register their interest at

It will use its Ethereum/Polygon deployment in conjunction with its tailored L2 (state channel) environment built to give users the millisecond response times they expect. The project has received the Polygon grant and plans to work with other protocols for wider community outreach, lower transaction costs and block-speed. DoubleDice is also working closely with the Constellation team which promises to bring the benefits of an L0 making a one-step cross protocol deployment a reality.

DoubleDice has been selected by the Constellation and Lattice communities to launch on the Lattice Launchpad in the coming weeks.

DoubleDice will start with sports betting before moving on to political races, roulette, poker, blackjack, Yahtzee, craps, and e-gaming betting. These services may be augmented further with project partnerships and NFT interfaces.

DoubleDice said: “Gamblers are genuinely missing real innovation and would love to have a more socially engaging as well as informed environment. Given all the unfair bias that goes into the current gambling setup there is a need for a fair and transparent alternative where they are only up against other gamblers without a house having an advantage and where their risk-reward is not capped by arbitrary odds placed by the house.

“Take the example of the game of Roulette. Today the punters lose money to the Casino even if the Casino doesn’t place a correct bet. On the other hand, their max returns are artificially capped at 35x. At DoubleDice, if no one gets it right they get their money back and there is no artificial cap of 35x for a correct bet. The returns are always based on the pooled maximum for any game/spin. This is precisely the promise of offering true risk-reward parameters in the pooled betting setup. “

About Double Dice
DoubleDice is the infrastructure payer for the decentralized gaming metaverse, allowing users and token-holders to open their own bets/rooms, invite their networks and followers and earn revenues from doing so. The pooled betting settlement protocols have been secured through a patent successfully registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). The protection will remain in place until 2032.

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Mardi 12 Octobre 2021

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