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Deloitte: Henry Ristuccia leader Global Governance, Risk and Compliance offering

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) today announced the appointment of Henry Ristuccia as the leader of the Global Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) offering.

The Global GRC offering draws on Deloitte member firms' existing practices across all business lines -- audit and enterprise risk services, tax, consulting, and financial advisory -- to drive value for member firm clients in an increasingly complex and uncharted business environment.

DTTL Global Managing Director of Clients, Services & Talent, Roger Dassen, said, "Today's business leaders are facing unprecedented challenges ranging from cyber security threats to a complex regulatory environment, as well as an evolving governance landscape. Under Henry's leadership, member firms' Global GRC offerings will further solidify their market position by enhancing their ability to serve boards and C-level executives, address regulatory issues, and provide out-of-the-box solutions that turn value-killer risks into value-creating opportunities."

One of the key focus areas for the development of member firms' GRC offerings will be to elevate member firms' existing risk intelligence capabilities so they can deliver value-creating services, such as strategic risk management (including brand and reputational risk), risk-based forecasting and capital investment, as well as technology and analytical tools, to clients. Moreover, increased alignment between member firm regulatory and industry groups -- such as Financial Services and Energy & Resources -- along with enhanced coordination with Deloitte member firm Centers of Corporate Governance across the globe, will better enable Deloitte member firm practitioners to provide clients with insights into strategic, operational, financial, and compliance issues across markets.

John Levis, Global Managing Director of Integrated Market Offerings*, DTTL, added, "The Deloitte member firm network is consistently acknowledged as a market leader in risk services by industry analysts. The goal of developing member firms' Global GRC offerings is to build on those successes by further leveraging the depth and breadth of member firm services to deliver new, innovative, and market-driven solutions. Henry's background and expertise will be critical in fulfilling this goal."

Ristuccia has close to 30 years of experience leading governance, risk, and compliance client projects within the Deloitte U.S. firm, where he focused predominantly on financial institutions, evaluating internal controls, and providing clients with risk management consulting services.

"I am honored to be named the leader of the Global GRC offering at this critical point in the evolution of global business," said Ristuccia. "Now more than ever there is a need for professional services organizations to offer a holistic view of risk by interpreting emerging trends and threats and helping companies develop customized solutions that not only protect value, but also create long-term value."

*Deloitte member firms' integrated market offerings are a portfolio of services that pull from Deloitte member firms' full spectrum of capabilities to solve clients' most complex challenges. Each one of these integrated market offerings focuses on a specific issue that is vital to creating value in today's marketplace.


Vendredi 15 Juin 2012