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Decentology adds Algorand blockchain to the Hyperverse

Decentology, a blockchain developer tools company, today announced that it has added the Algorand blockchain to the Hyperverse at the Decipher conference in Miami.

Hyperverse is an open, decentralized, marketplace for composable blockchain smart contracts being built by Decentology and its community. Announced in October, Hyperverse uses composability so web developers can easily compose new applications by connecting existing single-purpose "smart modules". This makes decentralized app development simpler, faster, and cost-effective.

Adding Algorand to the Hyperverse will create a better experience for web2 developers allowing them to interact with blockchain using familiar technical concepts. The integration will enable builders to deploy smart contracts quickly without ever writing a single line of code.

"Decentology is building the Hyperverse as the focal point of app development for all major blockchains," said Nik Kalyani, Founder and CEO of Decentology. "We are pleased to add Algorand to the growing number of blockchains on the Hyperverse, making it easy for web developers to build decentralized apps."

"Composability of smart contracts features along with decentralized security auditing is the next frontier of blockchain development. We are excited to welcome the Hyperverse platform to the Algorand ecosystem," said David Garcia, CEO and Managing Partner of Borderless Capital.

The Algorand preview on Hyperverse will be officially presented at Decipher, a two-day Algorand-focused experience, which starts today in Miami.

About Decentology
Decentology is the innovative company behind Hyperverse, the open, composable smart contracts marketplace that makes it easy for developers to discover, build and monetize web3 applications. Hyperverse is the evolution of DappStarter, Decentology's blockchain-agnostic code generation platform for web2 developers. Founded in 2019 in Mountain View, California, the company employs a global team with a mission to onboard the first 10 million developers to web3. To deliver on its mission, Decentology partners with some of the leading blockchains in the industry, such as Flow, Algorand, Avalanche and Conflux.

About Algorand
Algorand is building the technology to power the Future of Finance (FutureFi), the convergence of traditional and decentralized models into a unified system that is inclusive, frictionless, and secure. Founded by Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand developed a blockchain infrastructure that offers the interoperability and capacity to handle the volume of transactions needed for DeFi, financial institutions, and governments to smoothly transition into FutureFi.

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Mardi 30 Novembre 2021

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