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CyberK Dev Announces Launch of New Crypto Development Product

Cyberk Dev, a full-service incubation and development company, has announced the launch of its platform.

Delivering all users' decentralized finance [DeFi], NFT, Gaming, and DAO needs in one place, Cyberk is committed to building projects right from their infant stage down to the finish line. Integrating a team of well-trained and seasoned members, CyberK aims at offering key solutions to all crypto development problems.

Comprising members who have managed, previously, several projects from the ground down to the completion stage, CyberK will guide projects via the introduction of specifically tailored campaigns and ideas that will drive growth right from the drawing board to the official launch.

Besides the integration of an experienced team, CyberK Dev offers a plethora of features—smart contract development, mobile and web development, and subsequently decentralized applications [DApps]. These deliverables will make the company a one-stop shop for all crypto development and launch needs.

Prioritizing users through its unique offerings, CyberK Dev has launched a full development catalog displaying, in glaring form, its unprecedented development facets, each designed to suit the needs of almost every crypto or blockchain-based project.

Yet another impressive feature of this company is the inclusion of anonymity, the foremost feature on which crypto projects are built. As the crypto market continues to grow at an exponential rate, there is a growing need for the safety of crypto project developers who are, most of the time, easy targets for criminals and others with equally malicious intent. Addressing this major sticking point, CyberK Dev hopes to introduce anonymity—ensuring that the personal information of these founders is not doxxed.

CyberK Dev Security

As part of its long-term vision to promote an industry where hacks and network vulnerabilities are things of the past, CyberK Dev has launched "smart security", a product that will guarantee crypto developers security that is as smart as their businesses. A comprehensive security assessment has been put in place by the company to identify system vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Delivering auditing, watching, and contract features, the CyberK team has, in the last few months, audited major protocols and it is currently one of the most trusted security companies in the trillion-dollar space.

CyberK Dev is built on six core concepts—full verification expertise, well-recognized audits, unique patented technologies, free project quotes, transparent reports, and fast turnaround time—and by leveraging them in all entirety—it will offer DeFi launchpad, NFT marketplace, utility integration, farming & staking, data analytics, and trading window services to developers.

About CyberK Dev
CyberK Dev is a full-service crypto development company that aims at delivering pertinent DeFi needs to developers. Integrating the concept of anonymity to the company, CyberK aims to build on the foremost facet of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Helping developers kickstart their NFT marketplaces, utility token integration, DeFi launchpads, and other specific development needs, CyberK Devs is shaping to be a one-stop shop for everything blockchain and crypto development.



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Mardi 8 Février 2022