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Curios Releases First-Ever Web3 Translation and Currency Conversion Tools, Enabling Users to Conduct Business Globally

Use of Foreign Currencies and Communications in Foreign Language No Longer a Hurdle.

In a development that will provide global access to Web3 services, Curios announced that they have added language translation and currency conversion tools to their suite of services in their SaaS platform.

After considerable beta testing, Curios’ language and currency conversion features allow for international adoption of NFT technologies. Both features add to the company’s mission of decentralization and democratization within the Web3 space and will allow for an ever-larger global audience to utilize the platform.

“Globalization is an essential element of decentralization,” said Grant Powell, Founder of Curios. “Our goal is to allow users to interact effortlessly across borders within Web3 experiences.”

Currently, Curios licensees consist of more than 8,000 registered NFT marketplaces, creators, and businesses who have sold over 1 million NFTs on their branded websites and apps powered by Curios. Recent new customers for Curios can be found in Japan, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and more.

Curios is a full-stack Web3/NFT platform that makes it easy for anyone to mint and sell NFTs, as well as build utility and engagement around NFT ownership. Curios’ platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that includes web tools, backend infrastructure, and a REST API, all deployable on-demand.

Curios’ REST API puts the power of all its features and functionality into the hands of developers of games, Metaverses, and marketplaces. With this new functionality, developers can focus on building powerful experiences without worrying about blockchain integration, payment settling, currency conversion, or language barriers.

Curios, a full-stack Web3 platform that makes it easy for anyone to create and deploy NFT projects, has been offering its technologies to various enterprise brands and SMBs since 2020. Curios is feature-forward and places its user experience first as it works to innovate and push the boundaries of functionality in NFTs, blockchains, and metaverses, all with a focus on streamlining the user’s experience and lowering the barriers to entry for the average customer (i.e., non-crypto experts). Curios is a privately held, crowdfunded-backed company based in Austin, Texas.


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Vendredi 2 Septembre 2022

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