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Credit Suisse Climate Innovation Fund closes at USD 318m

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Credit Suisse announces the final closing of the Credit Suisse Climate Innovation Fund, a USD 318 million fund dedicated to allocating capital at the intersection of mission-driven, venture capital companies focused on disruptive technologies, solving for a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Credit Suisse Climate Innovation Fund (‘the Fund’) will commit capital to ten venture funds in North America, Europe and Asia that are active in facilitating the reduction of carbon emissions. Their sector focus includes food and agriculture, production and consumption, and mobility and urbanization. The investment opportunity therefore lies in the new technologies and business models accelerating the transformation and changes in the way we grow food, produce building materials or scale energy efficient means of transportation.

In support of its climate-centric mission, the Fund’s investment process will solve for the ‘Double Delta’, reporting both the positive impact/change a company generates through its products and services as well as the positive impact/change an investor generates, through enhancing the quality or quantity of the impact a company is generating by financing or active ownership. In addition, the Climate Innovation Fund will report the degree of alignment with the UN SDGs, providing a strong reference point for its reporting framework.

Fabian Shey, Head of Global Private & Alternative Markets at Credit Suisse, said: “The demand for this fund has been remarkable across the full spectrum of wealth management clients. It is a meaningful step and a substantial amount of capital being invested with purpose towards net zero.” Sven-Christian Kindt, Head of Private Equity Portfolio Solutions at Credit Suisse, added: “I am happy to see how strongly the Climate Innovation Fund resonates with our clients. By partnering with mission-driven venture firms, this fund will empower entrepreneurs to commercialize and grow their radically transformative technology and business ideas in order to contribute to planetary health at scale.”

Read Credit Suisse’s ‘The Double Delta of Impact Investing: Impact at both the investor and company level’ report here.

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