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Caizchain - the Islamic Blockchain is About to Enter the Crypto Market

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Founded in Germany in 2020, Caizchain is Caizcoins blockchain and is about to launch pretty soon. What makes Caizcoin stand out from other cryptocurrencies is its Islamic finance focus. Approved as compliant with Islamic financial law by Islamic scholars with the fatwa certificate, Caizcoin is opening the global cryptocurrency market to Muslims and non-Muslims alike for the very first time.

The first certified Islamic cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world is set to enable fast and cost-efficient international money transfers. Specifically, Caizcoin complies with Islamic finance standards and ethics. It also guarantees no business with companies that are active in areas such as arms, tobacco, adult industry, alcohol, or pork industry as this is seen as illicit in Islamic beliefs.

Masterminded by young and dynamic leaders and international scholars in the areas of technology, finance and business, Caizcoin will also collaborate with charitable organizations to enable Waqf and Zakat donations.

The Caizchain blockchain is a technology that makes every financial activity safe from third parties. To be more specific, using Caizchain will give you following advantages:

- Anonymity - every personal data is encrypted. The only thing that will be seen is your public key, similar to the IBAN account. No other details will be published nor can be found about you.
- Autonomy - the Caizchain blockchain is decentralized. There are no third parties involved in managing your assets - so you don't need others to validate your transactions;
- Lower costs - as mentioned before there will be no centralized entities which means that you don't have to pay high fees to those
- Security - if malicious actors try to get access to your account, they will have to invest a ton of money to get enough computational power to do so. And for a plus of safety, Caizchain enabled a two-factor authentification, requiring not just your password, but a unique code sent to your email as well;
- Fast transfers - nobody needs to validate your transfers to your loved ones, so you have nobody to wait for.

On the Caizchain ecosystem, you can get access to both the CAIZ token and the CAIZ wallet. But there will also be other features on their roadmap and those will include crypto scanners, node sales and much more.

SOURCE: Caizcoin

Vendredi 11 Juin 2021