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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News

Blockchain: the internet of asset transfer

By Invesco.

Blockchain: the internet of asset transfer

The internet impacts every part of our lives, but the underlying technology was first used simply to share information between two computers. Just imagine if you could have foreseen how that technology would progress and been able to identify companies that would drive global change.

The companies that would find new ways to use the technology are now among the largest in the world: Twitter pioneered a way for us to create information, Dropbox for storing information, Netflix for transmitting information and Apple for consuming information.

You could draw some comparisons between the internet and blockchain. With blockchain technology still in its early days, we think the potential for changing the global economy is underappreciated by the market. This could provide an opportunity for investors who can capture this hidden potential.


We live in a world of rapid and constant change, which demands in-depth research to understand innovation and identify opportunities and challenges.

As a leading independent, global asset manager, Invesco places great importance on driving thought leadership. From 2019, we have been committed to supporting fundamental research activities in long term asset management, alternative finance, and data analytics at Cambridge Judge Business School. The University of Cambridge’s reputation for research excellence is world-renown.

We hope the knowledge and ideas that have been fostered through this collaboration are of value to our clients and are pleased to share our latest research: a broad overview of recent blockchain industry developments and the key trends that will shape Blockchain’s long-term trajectory.
Alexander Olivares


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Vendredi 26 Février 2021

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