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Beyer Chronometrie: First NFT watch collection after 262 years

After 262 years, the family-owned company Beyer Chronometrie is entering innovative new territory. In collaboration with FTSY8 Fictional Studio, a brand of the digital creative agency SiR MaRY, the renowned Zurich watch shop on Bahnhofstrasse is launching a unique NFT collection that is second to none worldwide.

• Beyer Chronometrie, the world’s oldest watch shop, launches its first futuristic NFT collection.
• The first 100 watches sold out within seven minutes.
• The next public drop will be on 29 June 2022.

Designers from various disciplines have reinterpreted classic watches from their very individual perspective and deliberately pushed the physical boundaries of watchmaking. The creatives were inspired by the fashion, gaming and virtual worlds and created fascinating, imaginative and playful one-off pieces.
There are some well-known names among the artists and designers. Simon Husslein, professor of interior architecture at the Geneva School of Art and Design, has already designed watches for brands such as Braun, Nomos Glashütte and Ventura. Nicknamed “The Shoe Guy”, Niklaus Hodel develops shoes and sneakers for the fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Givenchy or Maison Margiela.

René Beyer, CEO and owner of Beyer Chronometrie AG, says: “Just because we invented the watch business doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. We’ve been looking for ways of combining tradition and vision since 1760. And the NFT watch collection is another superb example of this.”

In selling the NFT collection, an effort was made not to appeal only to a crypto-savvy target group, but instead to give less technically savvy watch fans and anyone with an interest the opportunity to buy the virtual watches. In order to make it an extremely simple process to acquire an NFT watch, the first, limited edition could be mined via Metamask Wallet and paid with Ethereum as well as simply purchased by credit card.

This strategy paid off. The first 100 NFT watches sold out after just seven minutes. What’s more, the virtual pioneer of Swiss watchmaking made it to the World Economic Forum in Davos. The project was presented by Beyer Chronometrie and FTSY8 at the House of Switzerland.

The first major drop of the Time Warp Collection open to the general public will be launched on 29 June 2022 at 18:00 CET.

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Beyer x FTSY8 Time Warp Collection
A number of creatives from different industries designed unique models with their own interpretation and individual view of the NFT world. The result was a collectible fusion of the classic world of watches with the virtual, gaming and fashion world.

About Beyer Chronometrie
Beyer Chronometrie, located in the heart of Zurich, is the oldest watch shop in the world. Since 1760 and across eight generations, the Beyer family has always cherished the most beautiful aspects of time.
Today, Beyer is considered one of the world’s top addresses for luxury watches. In addition to Rolex, Hublot and other Swiss watch manufacturers, Beyer operates the only retailer-managed Patek Philippe flagship store in Switzerland. Their product range also includes sought-after vintage watches, antique treasures and certified pre-owned watches. It is rounded off by exclusive jewellery from well-known brands or from the company’s own workshop, which employs four goldsmiths and ten watchmakers.
The basement of the shop at Bahnhofstrasse 31 houses the Beyer Watch and Clock Museum with around 300 exhibits from 1400 BC to the present day

About FTSY8
FTSY8 works and researches at the intersection of immersive spaces, virtual products and talents.


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