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B.A.S expanding business moves to empower FDC Group with C2Box

B.A.S the leading TMS provider announces that FDC Group has selected C2Box to equip their Treasury Department.

FDC (Food & Drug Corporation) was established for the import, marketing and distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and pharmaceuticals. FDC is the consolidation result of 2 major companies, Pharmabel which has been in the sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals and para-pharmaceuticals since 1974, and Marketing Services, a major player in the FMCG market since 1979.

Thanks to its professional organization, advanced internal processes and growth, FDC is considered to be among the top FMCG importers, and ranks as the 6th biggest advertiser in Lebanon (ArabAd Magazine, March 2003).

FDC was successful in introducing new products and categories adding value to the everyday life of consumers, a strategy that was developed over the years.

Philippe Jamhouri, BAS - Head of Business Development in the MENA says “C2Box will enable FDC to increase control and visibility into their treasury and by implementing an electronic payment factory we will be able to provide savings for the group, both in time and money by streamlining the payment processes”.

About B.A.S
B.A.S is a leading FinTech company providing platforms for treasury, cash information and electronic payments factory's . With offices in New York, Paris and Dubai, we provide global solutions enabling full control and visibility over cash positions and managing domestic or cross border payment processes. All B.A.S projects are managed by team’s expert in the fields of treasury, cash management, financial control and audit.

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Mardi 2 Février 2016