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Artnet Publishes the Artnet NFT 30, a Comprehensive Report on the #NFT Market and Community

Artnet AG, the leading online art marketplace, art market data, analytics provider, and global newswire, is excited to introduce its highly anticipated 'Artnet NFT 30' report.

- Artnet launches 'Artnet NFT 30' report and inaugural NFT sale
- Analysis of the NFT market and people shaping its future
- Sponsored by Justin Sun's APENFT Foundation

Harnessing the expertise of the Artnet News team and our proprietary market data, the report will provide a deep analysis of the NFT space and the people shaping its future. "We are proud to present the 'Artnet NFT 30' Report and it marks a new milestone in our history, " said Jiayin Chen, director of Artnet NFT. "Artnet is committed to being a place of discovery in the ever-expanding conversation around art and technology, continuing our legacy of transforming the art market through technology since our founding 30 years ago."

The 'Artnet NFT 30' report is sponsored by the APENFT Foundation. "Bridging the art and NFT worlds has always been the core idea of the APENFT Foundation and I hope through this report, people can gain valuable insights and see how these two worlds merge and grow together.." says Sydney Xiong, Director of APENFT.

The 'Artnet NFT 30' report aims to provide clarity through the fog of volatility, astounding numbers, and technical jargon surrounding much of the current moment, as well as offer a glimpse of the radical future ahead. It's in that spirit that ArtNFT, a new initiative devoted to supporting and accelerating the emergent category of crypto art, has put together the 'Artnet NFT 30' report.

With the simultaneous release of the ArtNFT auction platform, the Artnet NFT 30 report, and supporting interviews with key players, Artnet is poised to become a destination for NFT artists, collectors, and professionals-continuing Artnet's mission of spearheading transparency, innovation, and positive change for the art industry. "The NFT report offers a fascinating look inside the growing NFT community, with the aim of providing trust and transparency surrounding the discovery and purchase of this nascent category," explained Artnet CEO Jacob Pabst. "With the launch of our ArtNFT platform, including this report, we are combining Artnet's global reach, knowledge, and expert curation to deliver an integrated experience for the digital art world."

Click through to discover and browse Artnet's ArtNFT platform and Artnet NFT 30 report:

About the Sponsor
APENFT Foundation is backed by the underlying technology of the Ethereum and TRON blockchains with support from BitTorrent file system, the world's largest distributed storage solution. Its mission is to provide a dynamic platform for the creator economy while creating a financial bridge between the metaverse and the real world. APENFT's extraordinary collection of art from the modern era to today includes masterworks by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Alberto Giacometti alongside key examples from Beeple, Pak, FEWOCiOUS, Mitchell F. Chan, and other emerging crypto artists.

APENFT's curatorial strategy is led by its director, Sydney Xiong, an art-world veteran with a specialization in postwar and contemporary art. The APENFT Foundation is a partner to such renowned art institutions such as Sotheby's and Christie's. As the leading tech-driven art foundation, APENFT aims to catalyze its high-quality audience to support the development of the decentralized metaverse's ecosystem.

About Artnet
Artnet has an unparalleled 60 million unique users annually, making it the largest global platform for fine art. Founded in 1989, Artnet has revolutionized the way people discover, research, and collect art today. Artnet's market data is a mission-critical resource for the art industry, encompassing more than 15 million auction results and AI- and ML-driven analytics providing an unparalleled level of transparency and insight into the art market. Artnet's marketplace connects leading galleries and auction houses with our global audience, offering a curated selection of over 250,000 artworks for sale worldwide. Artnet Auctions, the pioneering online-only auction platform, offers unprecedented reach, liquidity, and efficiency. Artnet News covers the events, trends, and people shaping the global art market with up-to-the-minute analysis and expert commentary. It is the single most-read and best-trusted news publication in the fine art industry, with an unparalleled, rapidly growing, and dedicated audience. Together, Artnet's broad product offering provides a comprehensive ecosystem that drives and informs the modern art market.
Artnet AG is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the segment with the highest transparency standards. The majority of operations are run through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Artnet Worldwide Corporation, a New York-based entity founded in 1989. Artnet Worldwide Corp. owns a London based subsidiary, Artnet UK Ltd.
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Vendredi 17 Décembre 2021

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