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Are Trading Sites or Bitcoin ATMs the Better Option for You?

Bitcoin has numerous advantages over regular payment methods, which is why its popularity is rising with each passing day.

Thanks to the fact that Bitcoin uses the cryptology method, its users gain a certain level of anonymity which increases their security when trading. Not only that, but this cryptocurrency provides people with instant transactions and since it is not controlled by banks, users void all fees, thus save money with each transaction.

But, the number 1 advantage that Bitcoin has is the chance to make a profit. That is the main reason why around 5 million people in the world use it. After people mine Bitcoin, they have two options at their disposal when it comes to selling it – trading sites or Bitcoin ATMs.

We are going to take a look at both of these options and see which one is more suitable to make a profit.

Trading Sites

Trading sites are a common choice for more experienced traders. These platforms are more than just marketplaces because they provide traders with an additional service that allows them to maximize their profits at a given time.

Each reputable site has AI systems that analyze the market for the latest developments with this cryptocurrency. This data is used to make predictions on how will Bitcoin fluctuate in the near future. Some do it with great precision, some don’t. The more reputable the trading platform is, the better the predictions will be.

Take Immediate Bitcoin as an example. The software that this trading site uses is among the most advanced in the world, hence the daily profitability rate here is huge. That is why this platform has thousands of registered users from all around the world who managed to make substantial amounts of profit.

As you can see, trading sites provide traders with a pretty powerful tool that enables them to maximize their profits and that is why it is a commonly chosen method for making a profit with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are located in numerous countries around the world. All of them are connected to the Internet and people can log in instantly. One of the biggest advantages that Bitcoin ATMs have is that they accept cash as a payment method.

They also connect you to the world of Bitcoin trading pretty easily and are far more efficient in this part of the process than trading sites. But, ATMs are known for the massive fees that they charge and the fact that you do not have any additional services (like the AI system of trading platforms). Setting up Bitcoin ATMs may also be a problem in some states as it must have a special license to operate.


When it comes to comparing the two options, it goes without saying that trading sites are far more superior. They are far more accessible. You can use your mobile or desktop device to log in at any time and place. All you need is to connect to the Internet. Yes, ATMs accept cash, but that is not a very massive advantage since trading sites accept credit/debit cards and numerous other methods.

Not only that, but the fees at trading sites are very low, while fees at Bitcoin ATMs can climb as high as 10%. Finally, thanks to the software that trading sites use to maximize the traders’ profits, they are far more user-friendly. Trading platforms are not focused on draining the account of the trader by applying fees and working to make sure that the trader does not profit. On the contrary, they help them because making a profit is a big win for both sides. When it comes to trading with Bitcoin, trading sites is the better option.

Jeudi 25 Mars 2021