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Apifiny® Releases Apifiny Algo V1.1 with Quant Library

First in the market to deploy ready-to-use strategy framework and components for quant traders

Apifiny® (, the global cross-exchange digital asset trading network, today announced the release of Apifiny® Algo V1.1, an advanced crypto trading library in C++ for High Frequency Trading (HFT) and latency sensitive traders. This solution fully supports futures trading, paper trading through Binance testnet, and has added Coinbase as an additional exchange, , along with the launch of its Quant Library that allows investors to implement trading strategies with its ready-to-use components in the library.

The competition in cryptocurrency trading has reached another level after the 2021/2022 boom and subsequent crash. Many previous profitable trading strategies started losing money, which led to low-latency and deep research becoming a necessity to survive. This new environment requires sophisticated level programming skills and large efforts to build a trading and research platform to meet these needs. With the release of QuantLib, Apifiny Algo V1.1 allows users to create trading strategies flexibly, while backtesting and live trading these strategies using a high-performance C++ trading engine. Traders can also create strategies using the intuitive JSON configuration, utilizing Python and a smart executor, or by writing their own C++ code to implement core trading logics.

The QuantLib release offers common math and statistics variables, pricing models, sampling methods, alpha variables, and execution strategies. Users can build arbitrage, stat-arb and other trading strategies without the need to write a single line of code. The components can also be used to assemble more advanced strategies by combining additional algorithm components built by users or 3rd parties.

“Trading systems and ready-to-use algorithm components have become an absolute necessity for high frequency and latency sensitive traders, and we are thrilled to offer this product to our customers,” said Haohan Xu, CEO of Apifiny. “Through Apifiny Algo’s V1.1 QuantLib, we give traders well-tested algorithm components and a configuration-based strategy development method. Trading firms can focus on strategy research and minimize investment in system development and common algorithm implementation.”

Apifiny Algo V1.1 adds futures trading capability for its supported exchanges. Traders can trade across multiple asset classes or use signals from multiple asset classes to trade specific symbols. To help system integration and testing, Apifiny has added Binance testnet in this release, allowing users to make paper trading on this exchange.

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About Apifiny
Apifiny® is a global cross-exchange digital asset trading network for institutions. The company’s vision is to create one, global trading marketplace for digital assets. Apifiny aims to deliver institutional-rade performance to digital asset traders through seamless connection with global digital asset exchanges and infrastructure providers. With one account and one API, Apifiny Connect gives institutional traders the flexibility to trade directly on global centralized exchanges at a discounted cost. Apifiny HEX (Hybrid Exchange) is designed to provide the digital asset community with a better centralized and decentralized trading experience, including zero taker fees, global price discovery and predictable liquidity from automated market making (“AMM”) and global centralized exchanges. Apifiny also empowers institutional traders with market data and the ability to achieve tighter spreads, higher fill rates and improved capital utilization. Headquartered in New York City, Apifiny is a trading platform with institutional-grade security and compliance.


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Vendredi 29 Juillet 2022