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A Look at How Blockchain is Altering the Future of Online Gambling

In 2020, Poland’s gambling revenue was worth almost €5bln, and currently, the Polish gambling market is the most interesting and lucrative in Eastern Europe. Recently, the country has experienced an increase in many iGaming verticals, including the number of active accounts. Industry experts accredit this in consumers' preference to online platforms caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

More so, blockchain technology has played a critical role in changing the world, offering various advantages, particularly in the gambling sector. Anna Rosak and Aleksandra Maj, digital marketing and online gaming specialists at PolskieKasynoHEX, believe the trend will only increase, hence the need to focus on discovering the unique possibilities of blockchain technology. In recent years, online games in newly established casinos like here have become an exciting alternative, with crypto gambling becoming the latest trend that is only growing because of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, lottery activities are experiencing an increase in stakes to reach €8 billion in this period. Even horse betting stakes have increased, reaching pre-COVID-19 levels. Anna Rosak suggests lifting health restrictions is bringing gamers back to offline venues.

Affiliate Game Programs

The reality is that games will never go out of fashion, meaning the affiliate programs that promote them are here to stay. Anna also emphasizes the desirable and prolific nature of affiliate game programs that provide excellent and popular gaming in all modern forms. While most people often promote gaming services and products on their websites, YouTube, or other popular social media platforms, there are several gaming affiliate programs you should consider.

Gaming is a multi-billion industry that's on an upward trend, showing zero signs of slowing down in the future. With the demand for gaming peripherals increasing fast, gaming affiliates have many promotional offers. However, it requires an online presence to market specific services and goods. The process is usually straightforward, but it is crucial to ensure you detect where the traffic is coming from.

Some of Poland's popular gaming affiliate programs include EnergyCasino, Wazamba, Lemon Casino, Slottica, HellSpin, and VulkanVegas. Although there are different niches for affiliate programs, gaming remains the most lucrative. If you want to choose the best gaming affiliate network, the following critical factors will help you make an informed decision.

Cookie Duration

Cookies are critical in online gaming as they stockpile information about the referred ID, especially since not all visitors purchase the product instantly. Anna suggests checking the time window when assessing cookie duration because the longer it is, the better for you. A short time window is an instant red flag that the affiliate game network may not produce the desired impact.

Commissions Rate and Types

There are many affiliate gaming networks, and the commission rates and types vary. Typically, most networks offer a simple percentage or fixed sale price. When dealing with digital products, percentage commissions are more significant, hence the need to critically assess your options. On the other hand, conversion rate means the commission can be something different than market-leading.

Payout Flexibility

As mentioned, there are many affiliate gaming networks. Unfortunately, they are only keen on completing a few payouts frequently. Most service providers prefer making minimum payments limited to a specific threshold. Anna Rosak encourages prospective gamers to look for programs offering respectable payout flexibility and an attainable threshold to maintain consistent revenue. With these factors in mind, you will choose the ideal gaming affiliate network.

Blockchain technology allows for monetization in the gaming industry, with some allowing gamers to trade virtual items for real money. While this is often illegal in most European nations, some countries allow the grey market to grow. Players are permitted to trade game items in exchange for cryptocurrency, which can later be exchanged for cash, solving many of the grey market issues.

Blockchain technology is changing the gaming industry, making online gambling more secure, and allowing you to own in-game assets. Players can also earn points when playing, giving them better payment security. If you are looking to add value, improve ownership and enhance your control, Blockchain tech is the answer.


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